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Battle Tap EFT Helps Veterans with PTSD

The Battle Tap online service has served thousands of veterans in the past decade. Available through the Veterans Stress Project, it has helped veterans suffering from PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and hypervigilance. If you or a veteran family member is seeking help, you are entitled to free sessions through the Veterans Stress Project here. Steve’s story below shows you just how powerful these methods can be.

– Dawson Church



By Steve

I am in an Outpatient Mental Health Program at a Veterans Administration Hospital. 

During the summer of 2013, an EFT Facilitator, Marilyn McWilliams, was invited to the program to talk about EFT, and show us its methods.

I was not at the program that day, but heard about it later. It sounded like something I would be interested in, so one of the staff arranged for me to go through an Orientation Class.

At the Orientation Class, Marilyn explained that there are Points on the head, and the body called Acupressure Points. Tapping on them is referred to as EFT, or EFT Tapping. (also called “Battle Tapping” in relation to the Veterans that are using the methods).

A small hand held battery power device was used to demonstrate that there is a big difference in the conductivity of the Acupressure points, as to other areas of the skin. The idea is that you are manipulating the Bioelectric Circuitry of the body in order to remove blockages, and to allow you to relax.

While tapping, a method can be used help you to deal with mental trauma.

Using the EFT/Battle Tap Techniques I have learned, I have been able to calm myself when I have been agitated. I have had my ups, and downs over the years with my Mental Health, including Drinking. Not all at once, but I now have a long period of Sobriety going for me, and I credit the EFT/Battle Tap method for it.

Along with this, I have Psychological Trauma from my Military Service, and other Traumatic Experiences that predate my Military Service by many, many, years.

With this problem, I have long struggled with “Racing, and Intrusive Thoughts,” that disrupt my ability to concentrate, and focus on things. I now enjoy a sense of Calmness, Peace, and Tranquility that I have never known, in past, before for any length on time.

The EFT/Battle Tap videos I use at home are free and available 24/7 for anyone to tap along with at www.stressproject.org.

In the Testimonial’s, and Conversations, it was mentioned that some people have developed the ability to flex the muscles over their Acupressure Points, instead of doing the usual EFT/Battle Tapping Method. I have found that this is easy to do. Encouragement came from finding that there is no way in public to practice this discipline, without attracting undo attention. I started by placing fingers over the Acupressure Points, to help understand which muscles to flex.

I noticed that this seems to have a more effective affect, than the straight Mechanical EFT/Battle Tapping Method.

It makes sense when you consider that flexing the muscles is Bioelectrical, and what you are trying to accomplish with Acupressure Tapping is to open Blockages brought on by tension is Bioelectrical.

I have only one concrete example to offer for what seems to be the Effectiveness of EFT/Battle Tap. In the Testimonials, people have mentioned that their eye site has improved, or they know of someone whom has expressed this experience.

I am now among them. I have for some years taken a prescription of eye drop medication, to lower the pressure in my eyes. They consisted to one drop in each eye, at bed time.

I have now been directed to stop the medication, as the liquid pressure in my eyes has dropped, and the drops are no longer required. Also, my vision is as it was when I got my last pair of glasses.

I relation to the improvement that I experienced in my eyes, I noticed what is to me a connection, with EFT/BattleTap. There are acupressure points located on the eye sockets of both eyes. The eye sockets are the bony area of the skull, that surrounds the eyes.

Note, I am not a doctor, I am just sharing what I have experienced.