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Dear EFT Community,

Reducing cravings so that you don't overeat is a key manner in which EFT helps with weight loss. We eat for many reasons other than hunger. Asking yourself the right questions can help you uncover the hidden reasons why you crave a particualr food or eat when you aren't really hungry. Here, Dawson Church discusses how you ask the right questions.


By Dawson Church, PhD

Eft for Weight Loss - Asking the right questions.

It is essential to focus on the correct "target" for your EFT tapping session. You need to ask yourself (or your clients) key questions to uncover the emotions that are driving you to overeat.

What are you REALLY starving for?

We know that once you have satisfied your bodily needs for food, the remaining "hunger" is not physiologically driven , but driven by an underlying anxiety or emotional conflict.  See if you can identify what you may be starving for in your life, other than food.

What comfort was missing from your childhood? Love, affection, warmth, attention?  This "absence" may be why you're overeating as an adult.

When do you experience cravings?

It's important to identify the times of day when you feel vulnerable to giving in to your food cravings. Once you know your "weak" spots, you can apply EFT before these times, heading off your cravings before it's too late.

You may use EFT before these time frames, or during them, when you are actually experiencing a craving.

If you didn't eat eat something, what emotion would you feel?

If you weren't using food as a form of anesthesia, what emotions might surface for you? Sometimes people don't know the answer tot his question because they've never been "without" the food.  They continually overeat so the emotions don't surface -- that's the point of the behavior. 

See if you can guess or intuit what the emotion of conflict might be if you didn't satisfy the craving,  then you will have a specific target for EFT.

When you don't have "enough" food, what feelings are you aware of? Irritability? Frustration? Panic?

"Even though I feel [name your feelings] ... I deeply and completely accept myself!"


EFT for weight lossExcerpted from the book, EFT for Weight Loss, by Dawson Church
Pages 201-202