EFT Tapping Overcomes Feeling Hopeless about Losing WeightEFT for Weight Loss book

By Mary Mirro

I had a recent session with a client who said she needed to talk about a phone call she had just received from her doctor’s office saying that her insurance company had denied her weight loss surgery even though it had been approved eight months prior. Susan talked very softly and slowly and her energy level was low.

In response to me asking how this news affected her, she said, “I’ll never find a way to lose weight.”

My goal was to work gently with Susan so she wouldn’t feel more disempowered. I used the Sneaking Up Technique, tapping through EFT’s Full Basic Recipe, including the 9 Gamut, to address the belief of “I’ll never find a way to lose weight.” Her VOC (Validity of Cognition) level was a 10 for this belief. 

Setup Statement (3 times): 

Even though I’ll never find a way to lose weight, I love and accept myself.

Susan tapped on all the points, saying, “I’ll never find a way to lose weight.”

Her demeanor changed after this. Her voice was stronger and she had noticeably more energy. She said, “I’m really confused and angry about the phone call.” She rated the SUD level as a 10 for that statement.

At this point, her anger was palpable and I thought it best to have her express the anger by using the Full Basic Recipe. As she tapped, I had her speak the statement and phrases as loud as she could, emphasizing the words.

Even though I’m confused and angry they are refusing to pay for my surgery, I love and accept myself.

I’m confused and angry  (tapping on all points)

She tapped three rounds followed by the 9 Gamut.

I asked her to say as loud as she could, “I’m confused and angry the insurance company is refusing to pay for my surgery.”

I asked what the SUD level was at this time. She said, “It’s quite a bit lower, probably a 4.”

As she talked, I observed that her energy level was considerably higher, as indicated by the tone of her voice and her manner of speaking, which was now at a normal rate.

Susan told me she felt the confusion and anger in her chest and stomach. In the tapping sequences, we used her descriptors of heaviness, thick, grey color, feeling small like an ant that is about to be crushed. She gave a SUD score of 9–10 to all the physical symptoms.

I had her tap on all of the physical aspects using the Full Basic Recipe, with the Setup Statement reflecting those words. The SUD level went down to a 3 for the physical symptoms. I asked her then to feel into each of them and see if a memory of an earlier time came to mind.

Susan talked about a childhood event when she was in fifth grade sitting with her friend and her brother called her a “fatty.” She remembered being extremely embarrassed. She told him to shut up, but he didn’t. She said, “He was in my face and I tried pushing him away. He laughed at me. When I got home, my dad didn’t do anything about it.”

We spent quite a bit of time working on the childhood event. She gave it a SUD rating of 8. It went down to a 0 after doing three rounds of the Full Basic Recipe, including the 9 Gamut. I had her say very loudly, “My dad didn’t do anything!” She did so and then commented, “At the time, I thought it meant he didn’t love me. Now I know that he does love me and he should have done something about it. I forgive him even though I think he should have punished my brother.”

I asked her if she made a decision at that time. She replied, “Yes, I believe I’m on my own. I can’t depend on others to help me.”

I said, “So getting the news about the insurance company actually goes along with your belief that others won’t be there for you. Is that correct?”

“Yes, but maybe in the end, that’s better for me,” she said. “My internist wasn’t happy that I was getting the surgery. She was worried about complications and whether I would be able to keep the weight off after the surgery. Now I realize it is up to me to find a way to take care of myself to lose weight. I don’t need to depend on others to help me when I’m capable of doing it myself.” 

I asked Susan how she felt about the phone call. She said, “I’m okay. It feels like a relief in some ways. I believe I can lose the weight on my own.”

We finished the session by tapping, using the Setup statement “Even though I have a weight issue, I choose to find a way that will work for me to lose weight and keep it off” followed by “I choose to find a way to lose weight/I will lose weight/I am able to do this/I am strong/I am courageous.”  

Susan finished the session saying in a cheerful and strong voice, “At my next session, let’s work on ideas for losing weight.”

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