Find the Root of a Weight Loss Problem with EFTEFT for weight Loss book

By Dawson Church, PhD and Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, PhD, Master EFT Practitioner

Every once in a while, someone tries emotional freedom techniques and gets immediate, lasting results. Their problem disappears in a single session and never comes back.

But in many cases, at some point after basic EFT tapping reduces or eliminates a symptom or a problem, it comes back.

If this happens to you, don't assume that EFT tapping doesn't work.  EFT worked fine for the problem you treated, but now a new aspect has presented itself, which just means there's more tapping to do.

In the following example, EFT Master Tam Llewellyn-Edwards helps a woman lose weight when he discovers an aspect that the client wasn't aware of that was getting in the way of her weight loss success:

When we use EFT it is essential that we tap on the correct problem. This may seem obvious, but it is very easy to miss the major aspect of the problem--the one which is really driving the discomfort.

Finding the "correct" EFT Setup Phrase is essential. I feel that when EFT fails to solve the issue, by far the most likely reason is that we have chosen the wrong problem altogether.  Often the problem seems obvious, but in these cases we should be especially on our guard.

If it is so obvious, why was it not identified and treated long ago?

In a case that illustrates this point, a middle-aged woman had a number of physical and emotional problems that all appeared to relate to her obesity. The cause of her extra weight was obvious--she ate too much food and exercised too little for her amount of food intake.

We worked on various aspects of her over-eating and found that they were all related to incidents in her past. These were soon dealt with using EFT tapping and her weight dropped a little. However, she eventually admitted to being "hooked" on Crunch Bars. Her craving for them was removed by using EFT to the extent that the smell and the very idea of them revolted her.

With this accomplishment I left a month's gap until her next appointment, expecting her to lose more weight by then and be ready to work with me on other issues she was still experiencing.

But a month later she returned, still at the same weight and eating Crunch Bars. She hated the smell and the taste of the Crunch Bars, but she was still eating four or five bars a day!

We spent a long session exploring this aspect and I eventually discovered from her that many years prior she had been in a "Weight Watchers' Group" using a very strict diet plan. Crunch Bars were included in the diet as a reward if you complied with the diet. They had been associated in the client's mind as a reward and she still felt happy and rewarded when she ate them--even though they tasted awful to her!

We could have tapped forever on her extra weight and the problems it was causing , but we would like have experienced little results. As soon as the link between the Crunch Bars and the feeling of reward was tapped away, her weight and related problems disappeared.

Core issues or aspects behind weight gain and cravings are often clever about hiding, so being a good detective is an EFT asset.

Finding aspects can be as simple as asking yourself a few good questions:

• What does this craving remind me of?

• When was the first time I felt this way? And what was happening in my life at the time?

• If there is a deeper emotion underlying this situation, what might it be?

• Who or what is behind my weight gain?

• If I could life my life over again, what person or event would I prefer to skip?

• If there were consequence for losing weight, what would it be?

• If there were a benefit to keeping the weight, what would it be?

• How do I feel just before I get the munchies? Exhausted? Stressed? Frustrated? Sad? Empty? Angry? Insecure? Lonely? Disappointed? Bored? Happy? Worried? Jealous? Embarrassed? Guilty? Scared? Ashamed? Love-struck? And what does this feeling remind me of?

Once you have an answer to any of these questions, continue asking "Why?" or "What's behind that?" until you find the unresolved specific events. If you can't think of anything, you can try a few rounds of EFT on something global to remove few emotional layers and see if anything comes up for you:

Even though I have this weight issue and I don't know what is causing it, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Have faith that the weight will begin to come off as the underlying issues are addresses and the basics of symptomatic behaviors are tapped away with EFT.


Excerpt from the book, EFT for Weight Loss
Chapter 5
By Dawson Church, PhD

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