Incorporating EFT Tapping into a Mindful Eating PracticeNaturally thin you weight loss program

By Dawson Church, PhD, EFT TRN-3

As you follow a tapping plan for your EFT for Weight Loss program, you should find yourself tapping regularly throughout your day.

As I am writing this, I'm looking at a beautiful view. My desk looks out over the Sonoma Valley wine country filtered by an Oak forest. A woodpecker taps against a tree in the distance and a squirrel runs up a rock.

The sky is deep blue with streaks of white clouds sprinkled sparsely across the horizon. I know there's food in the refrigerator, and my stomach is rumbling. I am looking forward to being able to choose the healthiest foods for lunch that I know will support my weight loss goals.

There's just one negative trigger.

My desk is located in a small office with other people who begin microwaving and opening their lunch meals to eat in the office at about this time of day. The smell of butter and pasta fill the room. Someone is also having pizza.

On this particular morning, the smell of pizza is reminding me of how hungry I am and how much I love pizza.

The scent of pizza evoked a sudden craving SUD Level of Intensity of about a 9 out of a 10.

I was contemplating abandoning my work and going in to eat lunch earlier than I had planned. But after three rounds of continuous tapping, the pizza smell is simply pleasant, now dropping my craving to about a SUD Level of 2, so I can continue working.

"Even though the smell of pizza is making me think that I am hungry, when I am not, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though pizza is my trigger food, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Later today I will be having dinner with my family when there will be good food and wine available. As I tap for the pizza craving, I also imagine how dinner will be later on. I expect to enjoy my family, and also eat moderately, slowly, and be aware of the wonderful tastes and smells of our meal. I'll have a glass of wine and then switch to water. I remember that I should be drinking more water during the day and I stop to pour myself a glass, imagining taking care of myself throughout the day.

Each day, you can use EFT just as I do to set yourself up for eating success. Will you always stick with your eating plan? You might occasionally binge, or forget, and eat or drink far more than you planned. No Problem. You are human, and new habits take time to fully form. Cut yoruself some slack.

Just always use the phrase:

"Even though I just [name what is making you feel bad: "ate two pieces of pie"], I deeply and completely accept myself."

And go right back to your eating plan.

If you can't tap, for instance, when eating a meal with an important client or at a business luncheaon, then tap mentally. If you are following the EFT for Weight Loss mindful eating practice when sitting down to a meal, before eating, simply imagine tapping each tapping point (karate chop, over the eye, side of eye, etc.) in your mind before you begin to eat. You won't look weird and the people around you won't know-- but you'll be keeping your commitment to sticking with your weight loss plan.

Practicing EFT is more important than doing EFT perfectly.

Tapping before a meal allows you to slow down the eating process, become aware of your surroundings and become clam before you begin eating or drinking. It's hard to mess up EFT. Start tapping. It has a calming and soothing effect on your body and mind...even when you are "doing it wrong."

To your EFT mindful eating practice... 

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