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Success in a Weight Loss Group Using EFT

Dear EFT Community,Though working one-on-one with an EFT practitioner is helpful, there are many cases of successful weight loss while doing group work combined with EFT, like this one.

-Dawson Church, PhD

By Linda Compton

About four weeks ago, I started a class for women called the Roots of Weight. I started the class on March 30th. I have ten women in the class and we meet every Thursday evening form 7-9pm.

On the third class I taught EFT and women tapped for everything from chips, to cigarettes, to Milano cookies, Starbucks peanut butter cookies, wine, and vodka.

One woman said she had the unusual habit of chewing eight packs of gum every night. She would fall asleep chewing gum, wake up in about two hours and eat a pack of raisins (l lb). Then she would chew more gum and fall asleep and do this cycle every night.

Exactly ten days ago she did EFT. She tapped for the raisins only and has not had any since. She told me she looked at the raisins on the shelf and the thought was “Oh, there are those raisins.”

There was no energy to eat the raisins. She didn’t crave them any more at all.

And although she was happy about the raisins, she said the intensity of the craving for the gum increased. Last Thursday evening, she tapped for the gum chewing. She called yesterday to say that she had not had any gum, nor she want any gum. She had four packs in her drawer and has absolutely no craving for it.

I spoke with her this morning and she says this is a miracle. She has been doing this behavior of the chewing gum at night and eating raisins all night for two years. She made numerous visits to the doctor and was told not to worry about it, it would soon pass.

She even brought up the idea of lack of Chromium to the doctor and was told the research wasn’t in on that. She is ecstatic about this. She told me “I have a master’s degree in Psychology, I should be able to stop this, I feel out of control.”

What else was interesting about his is that she had to have it from a particular store and a particular kind–Doublemint in the green wrapper and Spearmint in the white wrapper.

She is not the only one in the class who has stopped cravings. Another woman eats five small donuts a day. She is down to one and a half. Another had just eaten three bags of corn nuts last Wednesday and is addicted to salt. The chips, pork rinds and anything else salty was her addiction. She also told me she hasn’t had any since.

I too, tapped for sugar with the class and haven’t had any since.

Since I took a class in EFT for cravings, I have let go of coffee, popcorn, ice cream and sugar.

And although I know we could be tapping for all the food items at one time, I know that particular cravings are motivated by particular emotions and sometimes physical conditions.

One friend totally let go of her grief she had been feeling with her deceased mother. There were songs she could not stand to listen to and is now okay.

Another client let go of coffee and fear of doing real estate. She now is working full time selling real estate and teases me about “F…king up her coffee thing.”

I have been having great success with EFT and now cannot see what I would do without it. This is one of the most incredible modalities I have seen. I combine it with Larry Nims’, BSFF sometimes, depending on the client and/or situation. However, the EFT works each time thus far.

My Roots of Weight class goes on for another eight weeks. These women are exploring the deep roots of their beliefs so that they can see clearly how the beliefs branch out to undesired behaviors, creating undesired results, such as undesired weight. One of the women found this so profound that she downloaded the EFT manual to study.

This is so wonderful. Often, I don’t give myself any credit for the remarkable work I do. This gum chewing habit somehow is telling how large this whole energy psychology is.

She just can’t believe she only had to tap once to heal it.