Why EFT for Weight Loss WorksEFT for Weight Loss

By Dawson Church

I am someone who has also struggled with weight. When I reached my early fifties I weighed around 285 pounds.

Even though I am 6 feet 5 inches tall, being over 280 meant I was obviously and perpetually fat.

I'd gained the weight little by little over the years, though there were several periods of my life when I was stressed and gained a substantial amount of weight fast.

I was vey aware that I had a problem, even when I was 250 pounds.  

I began to read weight loss books and magazine articles.  I joined a gym and a food program.  I counted calories.  Each weight loss program produced temporary results, but failed int he long run.  I would lose a few pounds, but they returned, and I would up being heavier than I was before.  Does that sound familiar?

All of that changed when I got serious about weight loss with EFT.  I took a look at the science behind successful weight loss, and I was surprised to discover that most of what I'd been told about weight loss by so-called "experts" was just plain wrong.  

Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. Does it matter if you eat the same on weekends & weekdays?

2. Which diet is best?

3. After you lose weight, does keeping it off get easier or harder over time?

4. Which produces fastest weight loss; diet or exercise?

5. Is the importance of eating breakfast fact or myth?

6. Should you weigh yourself frequently?

7. If you make a slip, should you return immediately to your weight loss program?

When I began to investigate the research, I found that the field of weight loss is filled with myths, and that unfortunate people like you and me put huge amounts of energy into approaches that are ineffective.

We torture our bodies and minds using unscientific strategies that are doomed to fail.  Meanwhile, there are scientific answers drawn from sound research studies to the questions listed above. Weight loss is actually quite simple when you toss out all the bad advice and use just a few principles that are based on clear research evidence.

EFT has a phenomenal ability to reduce cravings.  Whether you crave ice cream, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, sweets, or anything else, EFT is able to make those cravings go away in minutes.  This is not an unsupported claim; it is a scientific fact.  (Church & Brooks, 2010)

Reducing cravings is a key manner in which EFT helps with weight loss.  If your craving for that candy bar or bowl of ice cream goes away, and you don't eat it, then all of those calories don't enter your body.

Craving reduction is the real key to weight loss.

EFT is also able to reduce mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.  Studies have found an association between depression and obesity. (Wing & Phelan, 2005)  Depression levels are predictor of how likely it is that you will regain weight after dieting.

And finally, EFT helps with emotional eating.  Clinical psychologist Roger Calahan, PhD, who developed one of the earliest methods on which EFT is based, observed that cravings usually mask anxiety (Callahan 2000).  Below the craving is anxiety, and we eat to suppress that anxiety.

EFT for weight loss works because it helps people with cravings, anxiety, depression, and emotional eating--the main reasons why your weight loss efforts may have been derailed in the past.


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