Your Emotions: The Missing Piece in Weight Loss

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By Dawson Church, PhD

I believe in EFT for weight loss for many reasons, but one of them is my own success story. I've lost over 50 pounds using EFT to support my dietary choices, and kept the weight off for nearly a decade, so I know it's possible!

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These proven EFT for Weight Loss online programs blend the latest neuroscience, powerful motivational techniques, warmly supportive instructors, and Clinical EFT to help you lose weight, kill those cravings, heal the root cuase of your weight struggles, and stop the war you keep having with your body.

Two Reasons Why Using EFT for Weight Loss Works Better Than Other Weight Loss Methods

#1 - EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Immediate Cravings

Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes can arrest your cravings when you're confronted with foods you normally can't resist. You then no longer feel compelled to eat them.

In research studies, EFT has been found to reduce cravings quickly and reliably. In one study (published in the peer-reviewed journal Integrative Medicine), EFT reduced cravings by 83%. A randomized controlled trial, published in early 2012 in the Energy Psychology journal, found that participants using EFT lost more weight than those who received talk therapy. Even more remarkable, in the 12 months following the weight loss program, they didn't just maintain their weight loss. They actually kept on losing weight steadily and effortlessly over the course of the following year.

#2 - EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Emotional Overeating

If you have been using food to tranquilize years of past emotional hurts, EFT may be your best friend. EFT can bring you more emotional peace which, in turn, can lead to more sensible eating habits.

This emotional contributor to overeating, which EFT is designed to address, is the missing piece in most weight loss programs. My best-selling book EFT for Weight Loss contains proven success principles for using EFT to address these emotional issues. It includes a one-page Tapping Plan for Weight Loss that sets you up for success at the start of each day.

EFT has been evaluated in several scientific studies of food cravings and weight loss, and has been found to help people with emotional overeating and cravings. You can see these on the EFTUniverse Research Pages.

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In EFTUniverse trainers' Clinical EFT Workshops, hands-on demonstrations of how quickly EFT can eliminate cravings are taught. You walk away with the knowledge of how to use EFT for your cravings on a daily basis.

Certified EFT practitioners have experience working with weight and eating issues as well as with the EFT for Weight Loss Protocol. You can also find books filled with inspiration and practical advice in the EFTUniverse Library.