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21 Day Tapping Challenge

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Today and for the next 21 days, join Dawson for the Tapping Challenge! Each day you’ll receive a tap-along meditation in your inbox. Each one is just 7 minutes long. They use a unique combination of tapping, hypnosis, mindfulness and affirmations to produce fast results. The tracks are designed to upgrade each primary area of your life, including: love, money, health, career, spirituality. 21 audios.

4 thoughts on “21 Day Tapping Challenge

  1. I have been successfully using these tapping “challenges” for more than a year..In fact tapping helped me thru cancer, surgery and chemotherapy. A week ago my computer was hacked and I lost all my downloads (not just Tapping) But the 21 day tapping challenge is my “GO TO” morning and evening routines.

  2. I’m looking forward to this EFT exploration. I like the idea of combining tapping, hypnosis, mindfulness and affirmations. Thanks!

  3. I’m in awh of everything about Dawson church I suffer PTSD among other things on top of being sensitive I’ve wished to have a way to help anyone who has suffered needlessly I to dream of a day of a world there is a world children don’t know of these things like they don’t polio and things of that thank you so much so much from a girl who has suffered in silence my whole life

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