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"I Prefer Peace" EFT Tapping for Abundance Affirmation

by Nancy Privett, MA

Diagram of EFT Tapping Basic Recipe

I have always thought that one of the more powerful Reminder Phrases to use when working with people with EFT for abundance is: “I prefer peace.”

I have also used this phrase when tapping with clients about their current economic situation. I find that using “I prefer peace” at different times during the tapping protocol has a calming effect that is usually evidenced by a deep sigh.

Even reading a newspaper or listening to the news on television can misalign our energy system.

Energy dynamics teaches us that energy follows attention. Whatever we are paying attention to, we are feeding with energy and making bigger and stronger. EFT helps us to be able to focus our attention in a more positive direction by neutralizing the disturbing thoughts so that we can “unhook” from them.

Rather than wait until our energy is so misaligned that we are feeling terrible, it is a good idea to use EFT right after we have heard or read something upsetting.

For example, when stating the Setup affirmation, we might say:

Even though the story I just read about the stock market makes me worried, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.

The powerful phrase “I prefer peace” can be used in place of “I completely and deeply love and accept myself” at the end of the Setup affirmation.

By stating that we prefer peace we are making a conscious choice not to dwell on the negative:

Even though my system is agitated from hearing what’s happening economically, I prefer peace.

Even though my current economic challenges are activating all my beliefs about “not enough,” I prefer peace.

Even though I am worried about covering my expenses, I prefer peace.

Even though it is easy to dwell on crisis and failure and lack, I choose to count my blessings because I prefer peace.

Even though what’s happening makes me feel powerless, I choose to turn my attention to what is good in life because I prefer peace.

In the EFT protocol, after stating the Setup affirmation three times, we repeat a Reminder Phrase concerning the stressful situation in order to bring it to mind as we tap each point.

After having done that for several rounds, it can be very powerful to alternate the stress-oriented Reminder Phrase with the statement “I prefer peace.”

For example, when using the Setup affirmation:

Even though it is easy to dwell on lack, I choose to count my blessings instead because I prefer peace.

You could then use the following Reminder Phrases as you tap the points:

KC: So easy to get anxious about my financial security.

EB: I prefer peace.

SE: It seems like everything is falling apart.

UE: I prefer peace.

UN: Easy to feel like everything is going wrong.

CH: I prefer peace.

CB: Hard to get my attention off the lack of financial stability.

UA: I prefer peace.

Always be sure to end the tapping round with the positive statement “I prefer peace.”

You might also want to tap all the points while saying “I prefer peace.” This can be a remedy when you can’t think of a Setup affirmation because you are too upset or don’t have time. Or it can be a quick fix for fine-tuning your energy alignment.

Just say, “I prefer peace” each time you tap the EFT points.

When crisis is swirling around us, we may feel a lack of control over outer events. However, we do have complete power and control over our internal energetic alignment. EFT is one of the best tools for maintaining that alignment. Without energetic alignment, we have little clarity and no chance of resolution.

Feeling peaceful is an inside job that is entirely in our control.

That is not to say we will get there in just a few minutes. Just like anything we want to master, getting aligned takes practice. We first have to notice that we are not aligned and not feeling peaceful and then we have to care enough about ourselves to do something about it.

The next time you are feeling anxiety about the world “out there,” try using the powerful tool of EFT to create the peace inside of you that you would like to see in the world. Put your preference for peace into action by learning to access, maintain, and then radiate your own interior peace out into the world.

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