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EFT Universe: Whole Energy Lifestyle Workshop After Testimonials

https://eftuniverse.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8973 Over the past thirty years, I’ve trained in many modalities, from Gestalt therapy to Heartmath, biofeedback to EFT. At some point I asked myself some key questions. The first was, “What would happen if we put all the best practices together?” The second was, “The proponents of each therapy make great claims, but don’t always walk their talk. What’s the missing piece?” Each method seems incomplete without elements of another. The deeper question is, “What combination of techniques is the most potent to unlock the maximum human potential?” The result of this research was a combination of the best practices of the personal transformation field. I call it Whole Energy Lifestyle or WEL.

WEL induces deep, trance-like psychological states in which remarkable healings occur. Messages and guidance emerge from the deep unconscious mind, as levels of consciousness that are not normally accessible come to the surface. WEL shows non-meditators to meditate effortlessly in less than five minutes. It can heal trauma that is beyond the reach of most methods, such as birth trauma and womb trauma. At WEL experiential workshops, participants report being able to literally “see” and “feel” energy as they immerse themselves in this powerful combination of all the best healing techniques.

I invite you to join me at one of the upcoming WEL workshops.

-Dawson Church


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