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How to Let Go of Your Disappointment Around Love

Do you feel like a failure with love? EFT Expert, Dawson Church, PhD shares a technique he uses to let go of love and relationship disappointment.

Relationships can be heaven – or hell. They can take us to the most sublime and happy states, or trap us in endless cycles of misery. Dawson Church, PhD has been dedicated for many years to helping people shift their relationships to create warm and deep emotional intimacy.

As a scientific researcher, he’s investigated which techniques really work to truly make love flourish. These tools, like mindfulness, EFT tapping, and heart coherence, are surprisingly quick and easy to learn, yet produce profound relationship shifts.

In this video, Dawson guides you into addressing the disappointment thoughts around love. If you’re ready for a radically different experience in your loving relationships, this video is for you.

To learn more about Dawson Church, visit: https://www.eftuniverse.com


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