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See an Example of the EFT Gentle Techniques

https://www.eftuniverse.com. Clinical EFT includes a set of skills called the Gentle Techniques. These are specifically designed to deal with overwhelming emotional trauma, and there’s an extended section on them in the book, The EFT Manual by Dawson Church of EFTUniverse. The Gentle Techniques are useful for addressing physical wounding that appears overwhelming.

In this video, Jondi Whitis, founder of EFT4Results and an EFT Practitioner works with an EFT Workshop participant using The Gentle Techniques.

EFT Borrowing Benefits:

One of the most profound discoveries in EFT in the early part of the twenty-first century was the phenomenon called “Borrowing Benefits.” It’s the discovery that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues.You can receive the emotional advantages of Borrowing Benefits by watching EFT tapping videos.

Here are the instructions for Borrowing Benefits:

1. Pick an issue you’d like to work on. Write down a brief name for the issue in 1 to 3 words.

2. Rate your degree of emotional distress on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no intensity and 10 being the maximum intensity. Write down your number.

3. Identify a part of your body in which you feel the sensation associated with that number, and write down the name of that particular body location.

4. Recall an event in your life when you felt that feeling in your body. Pick the event that occurred the earliest in your life, if possible.

5. Start tapping through the EFT points, as soon as the video session starts, and keep tapping till the end. When the person onscreen states their issue, state your issue instead.

6. When the video is done, usually in 5 to 20 minutes, think about the issue, tune into that same part of your body, and rate your degree of emotional distress a second time. Write down your new number.

You’ll usually find your number dropping substantially. If it doesn’t, then pick another specific incident in your life most identified with that feeling in your body, and repeat the process.


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