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Letting Go of Your Past with EFT Tapping: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

by Dawson Church, PhD


Dear EFT Community,

So many of us carry around the regrets of the past. Though the wrongs people did us might have happened many years ago, we still suffer from them. Our minds are often consumed by memories of past abuse at the hands of others, and it’s hard to let go.

Yet if we can’t let go of the past, we can’t shape a positive future. Letting go is necessary in order to build a future that is free of the chains of the past.

You’ll discover many stories here on EFT Universe written by people who’ve learned to forgive after tapping.

– Dawson

Jim was a participant in one of my workshops. He was in his 70s. Jim worked on forgiving the people in his past and on the many bad memories he carried around. His older sister who bullied him. His first-grade teacher who shamed him. His high-school coach who said, “You’ll never amount to anything in your life.” His first wife, who cheated on him. The boss who’d fired him unjustly. His second wife, to whom he lost his house and his children. The driver of the other car in a wreck that shattered Jim’s right leg and left him with a lifelong limp. The surgeon who botched the repair operation.

On the first day of the workshop, Jim said to me, “Dawson, I will never forgive my father. What he did to me is unforgivable. Nothing you can do in this workshop can make me change my mind. No amount of tapping will allow me to let that go.”

I reassured him. I counseled him to work on the bad memories that he chose and reminded him that he didn’t have to fix his whole life in three days!

On the last day of the workshop, Jim came to me with tears in his eyes. “I can’t believe what happened,” he confessed. “Last night, after I’d tapped on the stuff everyone else did to me, I found myself forgiving my father.”

Jim’s posture was visibly different after that day. He stood up straighter, as though he’d shed a heavy sack he’d been carrying around on his back for 70 years. His face was mobile and he smiled and laughed easily. His energy level shot up and he walked with a spring in his step.

Letting go of his father gave him true emotional freedom.

I want that gift of forgiveness for you, too. Rather than having you drag that suffering into tomorrow, I’d love to see you drop it today. Below are links to a couple other stories of people who have used EFT for forgiveness and and I hope you will be inspired by their examples.

EFT Tapping Forgiveness Stories

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