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Etiquette and Instructions for an Effective Training Experience

Thank you for registering for an EFT Universe virtual workshop!

You’re going to have a wonderful experience!

We’ve created these workshops with both love and smarts, to make sure you have the best possible experience. They’re designed to help you feel emotionally connected to the other participants and your instructor, as well as enjoying an immersive learning experience.

We use research-proven tools called “active learning.” Studies at Harvard University show that these methods produce measurably better results than traditional lecture-style learning (Deslauriers, McCarty, Miller, Callaghan & Kestin, 2019).

Checking In
You’ll check in with one of the workshop hosts at the start of the first day. You’ll also meet other participants informally before the class begins, just like you’d be doing at a registration desk at an in-person conference. You will be able to see and hear each other, and you’ll be asked a few simple questions to complete your registration. Please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class on the first day to ensure you can check in. Please make sure you read and understand the EFT Universe Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can also find the Virtual Workshop policy and Research Informed Consent policy on the Terms and Conditions page. These explain the Confidentiality aspects of a virtual workshop (Hint: They’re different from an in-person one!). You’ll test your audio and video during the check in process. You will be asked to agree to the Release of Liability & Confidentiality Agreements if you have not done so prior to the workshop. Be ready to provide both your landline or mobile phone number, and the phone number of someone physically close to your location as an emergency contact, if you did not do this during the registration process.
Virtual Morning Coffee and Lunch Breaks

There will be a meal break in the middle of the workshop. It will be 60-90 minutes. During that time, you will have the option to sit at a “virtual lunch table” with fellow students to have a discussion over your meals. Virtual lunch tables will begin after a 15 – 20 minute break, and continue till near the time the workshop resumes. The last few minutes will be free for you to take a walk or a bio break.

We’ll ask you before the meal break if you’d like to be at a virtual table. If you do, say “Yes” in chat at that time.

You also might have the opportunity to join with your classmates in a “Virtual Coffee Circle” 30 minutes prior to the beginning of class each day. In these guided group discussions, you will be able to meet with your group before the day officially begins to discuss your takeaways and “Aha!” moments from the day before, learn more about your fellow students, and set your intentions for the day.

Watch this video. (Coming soon! How we create emotional intimacy in a virtual environment. Think about a large crowd of loving people. Warm feelings. Energy exercises)

Before the Workshop

Come with the intention to participate full out!

Use this meditation each day to set intentions and get the most out of the workshop.

Plan to be at each session right on time, and bring your full attention to each one.

Some workshops are recorded, others are not. You’ll have been notified about which of these is the case in your welcome email. If the workshop is recorded, you’ll get a copy of the recording a couple of days later.

Attendance at the entire event is required in order to give all your fellow participants a committed experience.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Have water, snacks, and tissues handy.

Prepare your lunch in advance each day. Optionally, you’ll be in a small group Zoom table for lunch. You’ll have 15 minutes to get your food before the group meets. After that, the lunch get-together begins. During lunch, you’ll consider provocative questions with members of your small group.

Read the virtual workshop policies, and the research informed consent policies, on the EFT Universe Terms and Conditions page.

Have a pen and paper ready to take written notes.

Make sure to double check what time the event occurs in your own time zone

Tech Check

Use a computer for the workshop, not a phone or tablet.

Have a backup Internet service, such as a phone hot spot, in case you have Internet problems. Instructions for iPhone here, Android here.

If you have housemates or co-workers who are using bandwidth on the same Internet service, ask them to minimize the use of high-bandwidth activities such as gaming and movies.

Download Zoom. Make sure you’re updated to the most recent Zoom version. Update here.

Use your real first and last name in your Zoom account so that other attendees know who you are. To do this, log into Zoom.us. On the left you’ll see Personal / Profile. Choose “Edit” and type in your name.

Check your mic and your camera to make sure both work well. Test them here.

Position your camera eye level or above with lighting in front of you (not behind you) so the other participants can see your face.

Familiarize yourself with Zoom preferences, such as high-definition camera, virtual backgrounds, and audio sources. Tutorial here.

If you aren’t familiar with Zoom has a feature called “breakout rooms.” This enables you to engage in intimate personal conversations with a small group of other participants. Three minute instructional video here.

Attend the workshop in a private place where you feel comfortable. No one should be able to see or overhear you. Try your best to minimize interruptions so you can get as much as you possibly can from the workshop.

Checklist: 1 Week in Advance
Checklist: 1 Day in Advance
Day 1: Show Up Strong!

Arrive 30 minutes early each day to get your virtual hugs, introduce yourself, meet new people, and make sure your sound and video are working.

Check your mic and your camera before each day’s session begins.

Have your camera on always, so your face and eyes are visible to everyone.

Mute your mic when you aren’t speaking.

After each break, be back at your computer a couple of minutes before the next session begins.

Plan to stay for the full duration of every session. Don’t miss a thing!

Be Present

Silence all your devices and anything that goes “ding” on your computer so you can stay focused and respectful of the speakers.

We have scheduled plenty of time for regular bio breaks and meals, so don’t leave for that reason.

Stay with the program. Don’t engage in side conversations or chats with other individual participants.

Post feedback in chat when it’s appropriate, but not needless or distracting chatter.

Resist side conversations/chats with other participants during presentations.

During breaks, turn off audio and video, but don’t leave the conference, close the Zoom app, or turn off your computer.

Use your breaks wisely and get away from the screen. Fresh air and sunshine are good.

Plan to stay the entire time, and if you do have to leave a session early, simply sign off. Announcing your departure in the chat is not necessary and may disrupt the class.

When you’re in breakout rooms, follow the guidelines for how long each participant has. Use a timer if necessary.

Occasionally your trainer will drop in on your Zoom breakout room, with their audio and video turned off. Maintain 100% focus on the other participants and ignore the trainer.

Be Engaged

Use Chat as prompted by the speaker to stay engaged and participate.

Let the speaker know that you are resonating with their message during Q&A periods. Compliments are welcomed and encouraged.

If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, send a private chat message to a team member. Emotional Assistants have the letters EA before their names, e.g. EA Truly Nice, EA Bea Goode.

Allow time for self-care after the call every day. Go for a walk, reflect, meditate, or do something else that you enjoy.