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EFT Master's Program Requirements

There are a limited number of practitioners who are interested in pursuing an EFT Master’s certification. They are already expert EFT practitioners, so the main focus of the program is mastery. That involves mastery in all life domains, including work, money, relationships, spirituality, emotions, and the physical body. 

Proposed requirements for EFT Master Program

1. Master Class

Live participation in a master class. During the master class, candidates demonstrate EFT in front of the group. Other candidates provide feedback on sessions. The master class includes a curriculum of topics based on the required readings. Depending on the number of participants, master classes might be 3 to 6 days long.

2. Teleclasses


3. Required Readings, Reading Groups, or Teleclasses

A 2-3 page book report on each, with particular emphasis on self-reflection. For instance, for the Shadow Work in Debbie Ford’s book, a frank self-assessment of the candidate’s shadow side.


4. Specialty Workshops

Attendance at three specialty workshops, and a two-page report on what the candidate learned at each.

5. Participation in a Humanitarian Project

Ten full EFT case histories performed pro bono in the course of participation in a humanitarian project, as well as a one-page overview of the project itself.

6. Book Reports

Five book reports on titles drawn from the list below: