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The EFT Tapping Course

Are there parts of your life you struggle with, despite your best efforts?

Have you tried a variety of approaches and techniques, with limited success? Are there places where you’re just simply stuck? Are you stressed and anxious about those things that aren’t going well? Are there events and people from your past that haunt you? Are you in pain?

You don’t have to stay that way!

Science now has a proven solution to these problems.

Just think about how your life would look if those problems disappeared. If all the energy and time they suck out of your mind and body was freed up.

Imagine living without fear or regret. Imagine being at peace with your past. Imagine waking up in the morning with your mind flooded with peace, joy, optimism and hope.

Wouldn’t your life be great?

Start Tapping Away Your Problems Today

scientifically backed Results

The best thing of all is that EFT is a self-help method.

Imagine having an “eraser” that could simply erase all the fear, guilt and shame surrounding events from your past.

Imagine using that magic eraser to release every limiting belief about your life, your body, your health, and your future.

What would happen if your pain went away? If your money problems disappeared? If the obstacles that keep you from true love were wiped away? If negative emotions just evaporated? If weight and health challenges were suddenly solved? If work and career unfolded effortlessly? Imagine living without fear or regret.

You don’t need to go to a doctor or psychologist, or spend thousands of dollars on fancy credentials to use EFT tapping. You can learn it yourself and unlock its stress-reducing potential the first time you try it on your own body.

The Course Includes 12 training lessons

1. Intro to the EFT Manual

2. Inspiring Stories & Compelling Evidence

3. The Science Behind EFT

4. How to Do EFT: The Basic Recipe

5. How to Use EFT for the Five Major Areas of Life

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money
  • Work
  • Spirituality

6. Common Questions, Comments, & Problems

7. The Gentle Techniques

8. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

9. Special Populations

10. Professional Practice Techniques

11. Confronting Massive Human Suffering

12. The Enhanced Recipe

Each of the 12 training lessons contains video and audio instructional programs by Dr. Dawson Church, along with written material from The EFT Manual, to show you how to get the most out of EFT.

In the EFT Tapping Course, you’ll discover how most physical problems, from pain to autoimmune diseases, have their roots in emotional problems. You’ll learn how to erase those negative emotions using EFT’s fundamental method, called the “Basic Recipe.”

Learn EFT tapping!

You'll learn the whole suite of Clinical EFT techniques, including:

Hear from Real People

In The EFT Tapping Course, you’ll also read the personal stories of dozens of people who’ve broken through their blocks after trying EFT. It’s not just Dr. Church and a collection of distinguished scientists telling you what EFT can do; it’s ordinary people with the standard collection of problems telling how their lives were transformed by tapping.

The stories are real, up-close and personal; some will make you laugh while others will make you cry. But they’ll all inspire you with the belief that it’s possible for you to heal.

Once you learn the keys of EFT taught in The EFT Tapping Course, you’ll be surprised at how many problems that hold you back can be quickly and easily relieved, opening up new possibilities for your life.

Thank you so much for this course Dawson! I made a list of over 147 life experiences and began to see a pattern that definitely is giving me insight into my life. I am so excited about how this is already working for me. Feeling so light and happy now! This feels big and I am laughing out loud just like Dawson does!

- Ann