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No Jet Lag! Energy Medicine Techniques that Prevent Jet Lag

by Dawson Church, PhD

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I travel a great deal. Sometimes from California to the East Coast of North America, a 5-hour flight with a 3-hour time difference. Other times I travel to Europe, a 9-hour flight with an 8-hour time change.

Conventional wisdom says that it takes 1 day to recover for every 1 hour time change. But that won’t work for me. Sometimes I have to present to audiences a day or two after I land. So what do do about jet lag?

There are several energy medicine techniques that will prevent jet lag. Here they are:

1. Re-set your watch a couple of hours ahead or behind as you’re flying, till you’re on your destination time zone when you land. Each time you look at your watch, tap all 9 shortcut EFT points and say, “My body believes it’s X time.” Repeat a couple of times, a minute total. Do it for the first couple of days at the new destination whenever you look at your watch.

2. Ground when you get there. Find a patch of damp grass and stand in it for 10 to 20 minutes. The earth is full of electrons, and they flow through the water and up into your body, neutralizing free radicals and orienting your body to that point in the Earth’s electromagnetic grid. If I’m in a place with stone, brick or concrete, and don’t have grass available, I stand barefoot on the surface and pour water under my feet. Showers and baths have a similar effect as long as you’re not a in synthetic bathtub.

3. Spin. Simply twirl like a whirling dervish. Clockwise, palms down, for 10 – 20 seconds. You’ll feel dizzy. Wait a minute till your body re-sets, then do it again, three or four more times. Repeat a few times the first couple of days.

4. Get on the local meal and sleep schedule immediately. When your body says at 3 pm, “It’s time to go to bed now,” you tap and reply, “I love you and the time is 3 pm and we’re going to bed at 10 pm.” I watch movies, take walks, distract myself any which way till it’s local bedtime. Meals: Even if I ate breakfast 3 hours ago, I eat breakfast again if it’s local breakfast time.

5. Give your body chemical cues for morning and evening. Mine are coffee and vitamins first thing in the morning, and wine around 7 pm. When my body gets the shot of chemicals appropriate for local time, it re-sets accordingly.

What I don’t usually do is trace my meridians, but others swear by it. Donna Eden has a YouTube video showing how to do it. And I do qigong’s “awakening the qi” exercise often, sometimes more than once a day. Not for jet lag, for energy. Yet it may help with jet lag too. If acupuncture is available, I get a treatment.

I typically feel a little disembodied the first day, perhaps the second, but I drop into the new time zone quickly.