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Unlock the Power of Tapping with EFT Essentials

Your Concise Audio Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques

Learn how to use EFT tapping to identify the hidden roots of emotional problems and alleviate them.

Imagine a tool that’s able to calm your brain’s stress response in seconds. That’s able to soothe anxiety, relieve depression, and eliminate your physical pain. That’s exactly what research tells us Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping can do!

Emotional trauma lies at the root of most disease. EFT eliminates that trauma by reducing stress.

EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points. Over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals, including dozens of clinical trials, have demonstrated that EFT is effective for:

Imagine being able to learn a simple self-help technique that takes just a few minutes, yet is able to release pain, anxiety, and stress!

A news story on Examiner.com called EFT: “one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed.”

Now, you can unlock the power of tapping through the EFT Essentials online course!

In EFT Essentials, you'll discover how you can identify the hidden causes of your emotional pain and relieve them using EFT's “Basic Recipe” and “Movie Technique.”

It shows you how to apply EFT to:

With the healing keys of EFT, you’ll be surprised at how many problems that hold you back can be quickly and easily relieved, opening up new possibilities for your life.

Ready to Get Started?

What You Get in this Course

This course is based on the single most thorough guide to learning EFT, The EFT Manual (3rd Edition) by Dawson Church, PhD. It describes the science behind how EFT works, and how to apply EFT most effectively for each type of problem.

Each of the 7 training lessons contains an audio program by Dr. Dawson Church, along with written material from The EFT Manual, to show you how to get the most out of EFT.

Select lessons also include sessions with real live people as well as videos showing you exactly how and where to tap.

The course includes 7 modules:


The Quick Start Guide

You’ll learn EFT fast, and start applying it from the beginning of the course! In this first module, you’ll cover the basic acupressure points, and how to formulate the language that works best with your unique brain. You’ll learn how to test your results so you use tapping most efficiently. You’ll tap on one of your actual issues to show you how effectively EFT can work for you from the moment you start!


The Basic Recipe for Crafting Effective EFT Statements

Just like cooking, there are certain ingredients that are essential in order to get the most out of EFT. Here you’ll learn EFT’s “Basic Recipe,” the components you need to combine for success. You learn the science behind each one, and practice putting them all together as you work on boosting both your health and happiness.


Inspiring Stories and Compelling Evidence

There are over 5,000 case histories written by people who’ve had health breakthroughs with EFT. We’ll share some of these real-life stories, and inspire you with the possibilities that tapping can make in your health. You’ll learn both how to reduce stress and how to increase your vitality and wellbeing.


The Science Behind EFT

Clinical EFT works! It’s evidence-based, backed by over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. What does this science tell us about how it works? We’ll share the fascinating research that shows how EFT works deep in your body, as it reduces cortisol, boosts immunity hormones, and regulates your genes. We’ll also review the studies showing how EFT has been used to successfully treat a wide range of psychological and physical problems. These range from PTSD, depression and anxiety, to pain and autoimmune diseases. 


How to Use EFT for the Five Major Life Areas

Which one do you struggle with the most? And how do you apply EFT most effectively? We’ll look at case histories from each life area and show how people have quickly improved their most challenging areas with tapping. You’ll also explore how you can take your best life area and use tapping to make it even better.


The Enhanced Recipe for Health

One of the hottest new areas of neuroscience is called Memory Reconsolidation and Extinction. Using these techniques, you can literally overwrite patterns that hold you back, just like erasing a dysfunctional hard drive. This module shows you techniques that mimic the way the brain processes information, and how to use them to rewrite your internal stories around health and your body.


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

The self we’re accustomed to is often a small fragment of our full potential. We know we can be more, but how do we escape the familiar neurochemicals and behaviors that keep us playing small? This module shows you how to recognize the hormonal signals of limitation, and use tapping to transcend the old self as you claim your full potential.

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