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Manifest More With Meditation

Bring the Law of Attraction Into Your Meditation Practice!

How do you combine manifestation and the Law of Attraction with your meditation practice? The 7 meditations in this course bring the two together in a powerful package. They first guide you into a deep state of inner peace, then align you with your higher power and entrain you with synchronicity.

Once your mind is aligned with the infinite intelligence of the universe, you naturally co-create your highest possible good.


Each meditation starts with the research-proven EcoMeditation method. Studies show that it puts you in a deep state of optimal brain function in less than 5 minutes

Affirmations and hypnotic induction then guide you into alignment with your higher power and the synchronicities the universe is waiting to unfold in your life.

Are You Ready to Manifest More With Meditation?
Meditation Themes
The course includes seven 15-minute downloadable audio tracks, plus a bonus video webinar.

All I can say is WOW! I have been meditating often for the last year and have NEVER experienced what I just did while following the audio for EcoMeditation. I was doubtful I’d have any type of enlightened experience and even kept hearing in my head during the initial tapping part, “You’re just wasting your time, you can’t get to that place inside of you, you’ve tried a million times before.” But then once the part about sending the beam of love to someone started, I instantly started laughing and tears of pure bliss came out of my eyes. It was absolutely amazing and I will be doing EcoMeditation every day. I spend probably 99% of my day in a high beta state as I’m always full of anxiety, and frustration, and fear, and anger and just overall burnt out with life and with parenthood. Feeling that love and bliss is my dream. Thank you again!!!!!

Meditation + Law of Attraction = Manifestation