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Walk With Your Higher Power

21 Day Walk with Your Higher Power!

When you set aside a few minutes each day to deliberately develop your relationship with your Higher Power, you’ll find it’s there for you immediately. It doesn’t take much time or energy, but you have to make at least some effort to receive the benefits your Higher Power is longing to share with you.


5 reviews for Walk With Your Higher Power

  1. Donna Tyler

    Have several challenges and this will help me move through them with ease.

  2. Donna Tyler


  3. Donna

    Will be a great opportunity.

  4. Eugenia Parish

    Easy to follow———good feeling of trust and abundance—

  5. Jerri U

    Jerri U

    I took the 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power program in January, 2022. I did the short meditations and exercises faithfully each day. I have done similar meditations for quite a while now, but I found that doing this program both enhanced and deepened my relationship to my Higher Power in a wonderful way. I feel calmer, more focused, and more certain about my path than I ever did before. I also feel free from my past in a very significant way.

    I cannot recommend the program enough. Thank you, Dawson! I really love your work.

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