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Dawson Church Keynote: The Once and Future Genome – How Tuning Your Thoughts Tunes Your Cells

By Dawson Church, PhD, EFT EXP-3

New research shows that Energy Psychology has the power to regulate gene expression. Emotional stress produces changes in hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, upgregulating inflammation, and downregulating immunity and cell repair.

By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, Energy Psychology regulates neurons, brain, hormones, and the genome.

The keynote presentation will review the key studies in the field, and where the ability of human beings to regulate their own gene expression will take medicine and psychology in the coming century.

Just as many infectious diseases were eradicated a century ago by breakthroughs in public health, Energy Psychology now provides society with the tools to address mental illness. Widespread application of these techniques holds the potential to produce the same rapid social improvements as the eradication of infectious disease produced in the early twentieth century.

New research demonstrates that when human emotions change, gene expression changes too.

Stress genes such as CYP11b1, the final link in the synthesis of cortisol, are upregulated by fear. Studies have also measured the opposite response, in which genes such as CYP17A1, which synthesizes DHEA, the body’s primary cell repair and communication hormone, are upgregulated by relaxation.

These emotional changes occur not just in response to external environmental cues such as threats and opportunities, but in response to internal cues such as thoughts and beliefs. This presentation reviews the rapidly emerging literature on the link between gene expression and emotion, and how Energy Psychology protocols act as an epigenetic intervention to produce homeostasis in body and brain.

The epidemiological implications of these breakthroughs are discussed in the context of the past century of medical history as well as evolutionary biology.


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