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Finding the Emotion Behind a Severe Skin Condition

by Marian Ryan


I recently had the pleasure of working with a colleague of my husband’s who had been suffering with a severe skin condition on both hands. This was so severe that she had to wear cotton gloves at all times and had to wear protective gloves in the shower, as even clear water caused severe pain.

She had tried numerous creams prescribed by her GP, she was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed yet more creams, and she had tried various forms of holistic treatment — all to no avail. Out of desperation, and in her words “a last ditched attempt” she resorted to EFT. Her hands were painful cracked, raw, dry, and very deep pink in appearance.

During the session I asked her when the skin condition started, she reported that it has been at least six months. I asked her what was happening in her life at the time and she couldn’t think of anything out of the ordinary. I asked what was happening in her family’s lives and she remembered that was around the time her son was planning his wedding and she went on to say that that was an exciting time for the family and she didn’t find it stressful.

I asked her if she had had skin conditions in the past and she couldn’t remember at first. Then she recalled having had a mild form of eczema on both her hands around the time her first husband left her, which was 18 years ago – but hadn’t suffered since.

I asked her how she felt at the time he left her and she said she had moved on in her life and that that period of time didn’t bother her. She couldn’t or (wouldn’t) open up to the emotions. I then decided to incorporate Louise Hay’s approach to the mental causes for physical ailments and the metaphysical way to overcome them. Hay’s belief is that problems with the hands is likely to be due to grasping on too tight, not wanting to let go and not handling things well. Problems with the skin is likely due to anxiety, fear, and feeling threatened. We tapped:

Even though I can’t get to grips with the past and how I handled my life after my husband left me, I now choose to let go of the past and look forward to the future, I choose to handle all my experiences with love and with joy and with ease.

Even though my life was full of fear and anxiety I choose to let these feelings go, I lovingly embrace myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I now choose to be free.

Even though I’m afraid to let go of the past and all the stress and anxieties I experienced, I now choose to release these feelings and move forward in my life with ease and self love.

At this stage my client stated that she felt her hands tingling, she put this down to the fact that she hadn’t been using her hands much and this was probably due to the blood circulating around them as a result of the tapping! We then did some more rounds of tapping.

Even though my hands hurt, my skin is dry and cracked, I still love myself and my life and I lovingly sooth my hands with joy and peace, I deserve beautiful healthy smooth skin.

At this stage my client stated that her hands felt numb at first and now they felt warm (in a nice way). She said her hands felt healthy yet looked awful. We tapped.

Even though my hands look awful, I choose to see their beauty, I feel their beauty and their health, I choose to have beautiful hands with lovely skin, because I love my hands and myself.

Even though he hurt me and hurt my pride, I’ve moved on in my life, I’m with a wonderful man who loves me and cares for me, I’m so lucky to have found such love, I really do feel loved and express my love freely.

I asked my client to tap each day on “Even though my hands hurt, my skin is dry and cracked, I still love myself and my life and I lovingly soothe my hands with joy and peace, I deserve beautiful healthy and happy smooth skin.”

My client felt that her body resonated with the words we used. This session took place on a Friday. In the office on the following Monday she showed my husband her hands and said that they have been pain-free since the EFT session. She also said they were less dry and the colour was less pink in appearance. She continued wearing the gloves for the duration of the week and when I saw her one week later her hands did indeed look much better in appearance, the skin was smoother and less dry.

My client said she remembered the embarrassment of how her husband had left her, taken their money and car and she felt she couldn’t face her friends, family and neighbors. We tapped.

Even though his leaving me caused me great embarrassment and I felt unable to face my family, friends and neighbours, I now let these feelings go as I have no further need for them, I choose to have a life filled with love and peace and joy, I deserve the best in life because I am the best.

Even though it’s possible my red, painful, sore hands are a reminder of how I felt, I don’t need further reminding, I choose to let go of the past, it’s forgotten and forgiven, I choose to feel love, joy and peace in my life and in my hands.

Even though he hurt my pride, and I feel great anger and rage, I now let these feelings go, I’ve no need to hold on to the past, the past is forgiven and forgotten, I now choose to let go of this anger and rage, I now choose to be free of these emotions and feelings.

Even though I feel helpless, I’m not handling things very well, I choose to let these feelings go and choose to feel strong and in control, I choose to handle all my experiences with love and joy and ease.

Even though I fear for the future and how I will cope financially, I fully release these feelings and fears and I choose to embrace my life lovingly, I am safe, secure and strong.

At the end of the session, she felt really good, her hands felt good and they felt as if they had been soothed, they also felt softer. I received a daily report via my husband on this lady’s improvement, and after a couple of weeks, not only has her skin improved, but no more pain, no more dry and pink skin; but also her migraines, which she suffered with for a number of years, are now a thing of the past.