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Reducing Stress in Kids Is Easy with EFT Tapping

by Jackie Viramontez

I first taught EFT with my son when he was 8-years-old during summer baseball league. He’d often have a stomachache and general malaise before his games even though he desperately wanted to play.

During the games he’d often become overheated and nauseous. Once he even threw up. I’d attributed the nausea to his heat sensitivity but the more it happened, the more it looked like anxiety. We began to use EFT before games towards the end of the season which greatly reduced the stomachache and nausea. Heat sensitivity seems to run in my family.

When the other issues were taken care of with EFT tapping, the heat sensitivity became more manageable.

When basketball season came along, “Adam” (at that time, age 9) was again having a his anxiety symptoms before games. Again, we used EFT with good results, even better than during summer baseball season. I think that was both because we were more practiced at figuring out the words that worked the best for the treatments (Adam was more able to identify his feelings) and the heat was no longer a factor.

I remember one Saturday in particular because of two problems.

He had a basketball game AND he was to spend the night with a good friend (which he had not done much with to date). He was very anxious so we spent about 20 minutes doing various EFT treatments both for the basketball game and the spending the night away from home.

At the end of the 20 minutes he was like a different child. He was full of energy, excited, and free from stomachache and other anxiety symptoms. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, not only for that particular day but also that there was clearly hope for my child to have a less stressful life.

Then we moved to a new house. Adam woke up every night after my husband and I had gone to bed and crept down the hall to get in bed with us. We never heard him and this arrangement was fine with us. We had had a family bed with each of our children, sometimes more than one at a time, until they were ready to stay in their own beds. However, in our new house the floors creaked badly and we woke up every time he came in. Also, he was more restless which meant none of us slept well.

We decided it was time to make a change.

Adam was not happy about it, but made the adjustment for a couple of weeks. Then he started to wake up from bad dreams. We talked about them and treated for them but that wasn’t enough. He was still scared and couldn’t get back to sleep for hours sometimes.

Finally, my husband realized in talking with him that Adam was feeling insecure about the safety in this new house. He explained how this house was safe and that seemed to help a lot. However, he continued to wake in the night and be awake for a couple of hours. He wasn’t scared but he couldn’t go back to sleep and he couldn’t identify what to treat himself for. We even tried treating for something that he couldn’t identify but with no luck.

One night while I was sitting with him, I had this overwhelming intuition that he was lonely at night. I asked him and he started crying and said yes that he was. After giving him some time to really feel that and get some comfort from me, we decided to try tapping for being lonely. It was like magic!

Afterwards we began to see that using EFT regularly before bed and treating the chronic issues each night meant that we all got a good night’s sleep. He can occasionally skip a night, but if he skips more that a couple of nights he wakes up again.

What has been most amazing to me is watching my now 10-year-old son learn to identify his feelings with such clarity, see his dedication to himself, and his commitment to do his EFT tapping. He knows when he needs to tap for himself in other situations and even suggests it to others when he senses their stress.

Things seemed fine for a long while, but about two weeks ago he began waking in the night on a regular basis again, not scared but unable to go back to sleep for hours. He was having headaches which kept him awake also. We suspect he may need glasses so we’ve made an eye exam appointment.

Three nights ago I had another strong intuition and had Adam use his old method of EFT treatments. He slept all night. Again the next night he used EFT and again slept all night. Last night he woke once but was able to go right back to sleep and slept the rest of the night.

We are all sleeping again.

I know EFT has helped Adam to have a less stressful life, which affects not only him, but the rest of us as well. He is going to grow up completely in tune with himself.