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10-year Insomnia Gone after EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner, Joanne Harvey uses EFT every day and is grateful for the wonderful emotional releases that she experiences. In this article, she shares a story about a frustrated man who came to see her because he was desperate and exhausted from years of insomnia, not because he thought EFT tapping would help. The success he achieved through using EFT made him an avid EFT client and one of her best referral sources.

-EFT Universe

By Joanne Harvey, MSW, EFT MAS

According to an annual poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), in 2007, 75 percent of Americans experienced sleeping problems ranging from minor and transient to severe and chronic. That is up from 62 percent in 1999, when the NSF first conducted its poll. The number of Americans turning to prescription sleep aids for help has gone up even more dramatically; nearly 60 percent over those 7 years.

There are many different sleep aids, but these new sleep aids may not be completely harmless.

There are some reports of amnesia, feeling groggy, depression, rashes, nausea and other side effects. I have found that with a little effort spent identifying the core issue or issues, changing some behaviors before bed, such as not watching TV, spending some time on sleep rituals, and making sure you are comfortable, insomnia can be either greatly reduced or completely eliminated with EFT.

I am sharing an example of a 52-year-old man who had experienced severe insomnia for 10 years.

He had tried many of the over the counter sleep aids and eventually went to his doctor seeking help. After some trial and error with more medications and no lasting results his doctor referred him to me to see if EFT might help. For confidentially his name has been changed. All of his EFT sessions were done over the phone.

Honestly, “Dean” was not too excited about learning this new type of release method, but desperation pushed him into the EFT arena.

At first, Dean could not identify why he might have insomnia, unless it was the stress of his busy life.

This could be part of his problem, but something that is chronic, like insomnia for 10 years, also will have core issues.

After some digging he discovered that his insomnia correlated with his father’s death.

After his first session he reported sleeping longer and deeper which helped improve his mood and lessen his stress level. I also assigned him nightly homework, which he did do.

By the end of the week he was sleeping through the night. Four months after his EFT sessions he sent an email reporting that he feels healthy and is dealing with the stress of life because he can now count on a full night’s sleep.

Below I’d like to share part of his first EFT tapping session. He relayed how unprepared he was for his father’s death even though he knew he was not well. He felt some guilt and grief and for some unconscious reason insomnia was apparently a way that he displayed these unresolved feelings.

We began with:

Even though I suffer from 10 years of insomnia…

Even though this insomnia might be related to my dad’s death and I don’t think I can ever sleep because of that, I totally and profoundly want to accept myself anyway.

Even though I think this insomnia will never stop bothering me, I honor my journey and love and accept myself.

Reminder Phrases

I can’t sleep throughout the night, it’s just not okay.

I don’t deserve to get a restful night of sleep because I was sleeping when my father was dying.

I don’t think I can forgive myself, not sleeping is the least I can do.

I can’t sleep through the night, it wouldn’t be right, my Dad died when I was sleeping.

This insomnia, I’ve been suffering from it for 10 years. How much longer do I need to suffer?

What if I let go of this insomnia, would I be safe to sleep through the night.

What if I let it go?

Could I let it go?

I was sleeping when my Dad died but I had no way to control his life or death, I didn’t cause it, I was sleeping when I got the call, I knew he was dying, we had talked and he knew I loved him, it might be grief, it might be guilt, it might be anger, it might be frustration of him dying too soon, it might be just daily worries, but for whatever reason I am not able to sleep I choose to let that reason go.

This exhaustion and stress caused by insomnia I choose to let it go.

10 years is a long time to punish myself for my father’s death, I will not forget my father but I am ready to let the responsibility for his death go.

I choose to be in control of my sleeping patterns, I choose to let go of any responsibility for my father’s death. I loves him and he knew it.

Frustration and stress, caused by not sleeping through the night, I choose to let it go.

Insomnia, waking up and worrying, I deserve to release it.

This feeling that my body isn’t cooperating and adding to my stress, I choose to release it.

Each of my body’s cells knows how to reclaim my healthy happy self; I desire a good night sleep.

I’m letting go of the day’s worries, I can’t do anything about them now, so I am letting them go.

I’m letting go of stress, frustration and problems I can’t do anything about tonight.

If I am able to cause this insomnia, I am able to stop it, I choose to let go of whatever is bothering me and blocking my sleep, I release it now.

I choose to be happy, I am doing the best I can, I am a good person and I love that about myself.

I allow my body to gently and naturally let go of this insomnia and relax into a good uninterrupted night’s sleep. I choose to revive myself by sleeping well.

I am smart, I choose to release any remaining issues I still may be carrying concerning my fathers death and I ask my body to support my sleep at a cellular level.< /p>

I ask my body to send comforting energy through my body, I am relaxed, I am calm, I am comfortable, I am safe.

I am committed to letting the insomnia go, it doesn’t serve me, I am doing the best I can, one day at a time.

I choose to acknowledge the smart confident man that I am, I am a good person and I love that about myself.

Even if sometimes I neglect the most important person in my life, and that person is me, I honor myself for doing the best I can do any way.

Optimal well-being and balance is what I want and expect. I trust my body knows how to let this insomnia go, I trust that I will let any worries go that interrupt my sleep. Any worries, frustration, stress, I’m letting it all go. I choose a good night’s sleep

I choose to eliminate the old negative memories of what I did or didn’t do in my past, I am 52 years old, the present is all I have, I choose to forgive myself for things I can’t change anyway, I am smarter today than I was yesterday, I choose to be comfortable with who I am today.

Well-being and calmness is what I choose and I desire a good nights sleep. I trust my body knows how to relax for my wellbeing. I deserve a good night’s sleep.

I am calm, relaxed, and sleeping through the night.

My cells are requesting what they need to relax into sleep.

Relaxation is flowing through my body clearing my head bringing me overall wellbeing.

I ask my body to send calming comforting energy throughout my system now.

My goal is to allow my body to sleep naturally through the night and to keep positive thoughts.

I choose to let all the worries that I carry in my body go.

I am a calm, loving and compassionate man, I’m a good guy.

I am smart, inquisitive and funny when I want to be.

I have forgiving energy flowing through my body healing what needs healing.

A full night’s sleep is restored to me, my head is clear, I see a bright future, I am calm and delighted with my results, I feel so good sleeping through the night.

I choose to let any remaining worries, stress, guilt or frustration go, I desire to let it all go, I choose to see a brighter happier future, any remaining blocked emotion that wakes me up in the middle of the night, I am letting it go.

Take a big cleansing breath and take stock of your body. How are you doing? Now get very comfortable, read if you feel like it, if you don’t just slide on to sleep.

Focus on the way you want to be, and give thanks: 

I deserve to sleep through the night and to be healthy.

I see myself happy and relaxed.

I am grateful for this beautiful life.

I allow myself to be stress, worry and frustration free. None of that accomplishes anything, so I choose to let it go.

I choose health and am delighted every day when I wake up from a refreshing good night sleep.

I always recommend keeping a positive vision of what you want. Keep a notepad at your bedside, if you do wake up and can’t get back to sleep, please write down what is bothering you. Then take that list and tap, tap, tap until it is gone.