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The EFT Personal Peace Procedure for Financial Success

Attracting Abundance with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques book
Dear EFT Community,Author and life coach Sandra Miniere offers her personal tapping session using the Personal Peace Procedure to work through her issues around financial success. Emotional Freedom Techniques and financial success might seem worlds apart, but EFT can be very helpful for dealing with financial issues where negative emotions are holding you back.

-EFT Universe

By Sandra Miniere, MEd

New business opportunities were coming my way, and I did not want an old pattern of relating to financial success to get in the way. My pattern was that I would start a new endeavor filled with high energy and possibility, only to have it fizzle out before I broke through my inner “glass ceiling” to financial freedom.

I decided to apply the Personal Peace Procedure to eliminate this “forest,” one tree at a time.

I made a list of 10 specific events in my life that demonstrated my “financial success eludes me” pattern. Once I saw how the procedure positively affected my emotions, beliefs, and energy, I started using it with my clients who were also stuck in old limiting patterns.

While walking for 30 minutes, I did mental tapping on one specific event each day.

The first morning I did a Setup on:

Even though I feel stuck in a pattern of “financial success eludes me,” I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Then I thought about my 20-year practice as a mental health counselor in New Jersey and the various specific events that were holding me back. The level of discomfort in my body (churning in my belly) was a SUD level of intensity of 7 on a scale of 0 to 10. I felt disappointed and guilty that it was not a big financial success. I imagined tapping the EFT sequence while saying Reminder Phrases on every aspect (specific event) that came up.

When I used the Reminder Phrase “I can’t win, so I play dead,” I felt strong about this issue so I created a new Setup for this particular pattern and tapped aspects (including specific events) around it. I then tapped on constricted breathing (asthma), constricted money, and constricted mother in one round of tapping. I tapped on negative emotions, negative beliefs, the “writing on my walls” from childhood, and more.

I tapped on “I feel cursed; it won’t happen for me.”

Once I felt emotionally free of an event, I worked with a Choices statement:

Even though I have had financial issues in the past, I know I am one with an abundant universe; money flows through me with ease.

I went through eight specific events in eight days. I dug deep into my subconscious to discover my blocks to a prosperous business. One powerful image emerged: The little girl in me would have to let go of my father’s hand if I became my own provider and protector.

I could actually feel the energy constriction in my body from head to toe when that came up. That little girl’s fear was still in me.

The process was creative and fun. I just let my body speak to me. When I got home after tapping on the eighth event, I could not remember what it was. All I could feel was high energy. I tried and tried, but I could not remember. I decided it was time to move on to a new pattern regarding my relationship with money.

To discover what pattern you need to address, just identify the life situation in which you feel stuck and constricted. Then look to see how often it has appeared in your life. Write down the pattern and events, then give each of them a title.

Tap and stay focused on one event at a time. If a new event comes up while tapping, put it on your list. End with how you want it to be. Your forest will fall as you go after each tree. It is working wonders with my clients.

Some patterns we have discovered are:

– When someone loves me, I push them away by becoming too needy.

– I rescue a person; they later attack me; and I leave the relationship.

– When financial stability is close, another life crisis drains my money supply.

Using the Personal Peace Procedure, you will be able to eliminate the energy blocks that constrict your health, relationships, performance, and wealth. The process requires that you identify the pattern and its specific events, then tap on all of the aspects associated with each event until you feel neutral. As you affirm a positive pattern using a Choices statement, your desired outcome will eventually show up in physical reality.

EFT eliminates energy blocks, and the Personal Peace Procedure eliminates the “forest of negative patterns” that limit you. They work wonders together. Now, I consistently receive monthly checks for large amounts of money.