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Using EFT to Advance Your Business

Using EFT to Advance Your BusinessTapping for Wealth and Abundance

Dear EFT Community,

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author, speaker, and Master Energy Therapist, shares how she used EFT to clear her internal obstacles to business success. This is the first installment of a two-part series. (The second is Use EFT to Clear the Top 10 Destructive Money Beliefs.)

-EFT Universe 

By Carol Tuttle

As you know, your beliefs create your reality. You know that what you radiate you attract. The same universal law of attraction holds true in every aspect of your life, including your business success with EFT. Thus your beliefs about EFT and advancing your business are radiating from you either consciously or subconsciously and that is what is influencing your current level of success.

I believe energy healing is the next big player in the natural/alternative health industry. There is tremendous opportunity for EFT practitioners to lead the way and create financial and business success. I have used EFT and other energy clearing modalities on myself for the last eight years as a part of my business model.

I have cleared numerous limiting beliefs and energy blocks and I continue to clear more. I am grateful for the results I am getting. My business continues to grow every month and I am experiencing great success in helping people and making a substantial income doing it.

At an EFT training, I had many practitioners (and want-to-be practitioners) approach me to ask for my feedback on how to advance their business. Most of the inquiries had to do with growing their private practice, getting paid higher fees (or getting fees at all), and conducting seminars where people would come to get results from Borrowing Benefits, and how to make seminars profitable.

There are two areas of belief that I have noticed most of us can get stuck in when it comes to advancing our business. The first one is the belief that people are not interested in EFT and will not want to learn about it–it is too different! And the second is our limiting beliefs around money.

In this article, I am including the Setup phrases for the first issue of EFT being too different and people not accepting it.

My next article will include the Setup phrases to clear the top 10 destructive money beliefs and the reframes for them.

Put the Setup statement in front of each of the limiting beliefs with the intention you are releasing the energy that forms these beliefs as you tap down all the points (You can substitute your own fear-beliefs for your type of business – the example below is for practitioner-based businesses).

Even though I am still believing:

I live in too conservative a town to make this work.

Everyone thinks this is weird stuff and is scared by it.

I am really scared to put myself out there to teach something that is so different.

I am still afraid of rejection.

I need my family to accept it before I can go for it.

I feel bad charging people who have less money than me.

I am a licensed therapist and I could get in trouble doing this.

My professional colleagues will really look at me weird now!

I don’t have any credentials after my name, what right do I have to help people heal?

Nobody will come to my seminar.

I can’t make any money doing what I love.

I can’t charge people for work that is so spiritual.

They won’t come back after one session.

People aren’t ready for this.

I have to offer EFT for free to get anyone to do it.

I am still afraid of what people will think.

I don’t know how to explain it well enough that it makes sense to people.

People will not get results.

Who am I fooling? I shouldn’t be doing this and somebody is going to find me out!

I really shouldn’t be charging for this!

One of my practices with EFT is to tap in re-frames after I have released the energy that has been keeping me stuck in what I don’t want.

Use these reframing phrases instead of Reminder Phrases as you tap all the points; this helps your energy come into vibrational alignment with the truths you choose to radiate.

I am now feeling and believing:

I am capable and ready to make a difference.

I am safe to move forward.

I am grateful that I am an answer to someone’s prayers.

I am attracting people who are ready to receive my help.

I am grateful my EFT skills are good enough to get started.

I am grateful I continue to improve my skills.

I am being paid good money for my skills and knowledge.

I am comfortable receiving money from my clients.

I am comfortable bringing up and managing the financial aspects of my EFT business.

I am attracting clients who get great results and tell a lot of other people who seek out my help.

I am growing and growing my business through numerous client referrals.

I am experiencing people seek me out because they want the results others are getting from EFT.

I am explaining EFT in a manner that is in rapport with whoever I am sharing it with.

I am ready to move forward and create success even though my family does not yet accept this tool

Even though I live in a conservative area, there are plenty of people who will accept this to create a successful business.

I am admired by and influencing my colleagues, they seek me out to learn more.

It is appropriate and moral for me to receive money for helping others with EFT.

I am a successful EFT practitioner, all my clients get great results and I am respected and admired for the work that I do.

I am grateful my business continues to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow!

I am having fun with all of this.

Tap away, tap on the above every day, and, through your dedication to using EFT on yourself as part of your business model, you will get results. Eight years into my business venture, I am scheduled two months out with clients, and I gross well into six figures annually through my private practice, writing, speaking, and online sales. ALL related to energy healing.

Dedication is the key. The EFT practitioners that will lead the way in creating business success will be able to say, “I was able to do it because I was dedicated to using the tools on myself that I was teaching everyone else to use.”