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All Traces of “Incurable” OCD Cleared with EFT Tapping

Enjoy Emotional Freedom

By Susitha P.

Tanya was suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). She had the urge to check constantly to see whether an electrical appliance was switched off.  It was draining her energy. Sometimes she would leave home and then the thought would occur, “Did I really switch off the geyser?” and she would try to ignore the need to go back and check. This would cause a spiral of negative thoughts: What if something goes wrong? … What if someone is hurt? … What if it causes a fire? She would invariably go back and check. The OCD existed for other electrical appliances too.

She was also very frustrated and angry because she was so “weird,” as she labeled it. We tapped on:

Even though I am angry with myself for being weird…
Even though I am convinced that I am weird… 

We tapped for anger, frustration, and I am a weirdo.  

We tapped the positive statements: I release the blame, I am doing the best that I can and the past is over, I am healing now.

I have read that the underlying thought pattern and the need for OCD is to control so that the person is always safe and the people around that person are safe.

Even though I have this need to control everything…

Even though I believe that I have to control everything or else I will be harmed and people around me will be harmed, I love and accept myself completely and it safe for me to release this need for control.

I have to control everything … I am not safe … My family is not safe

Releasing this need to control … I trust myself … I am free … I am safe … My family is safe

I asked Tanya to call me whenever she felt the obsession. Accordingly, she called and we tapped over the phone. I asked her to look at the appliance switch and we tapped: 

Even though I know that I switched it off and yet I feel like checking it…  It is switched off … I switched it off yet I doubt it … This doubt… It is off … Yes it is … No it is not … Is it off?

Afterward she felt completely relaxed and she was laughing. She now felt like she “really knew” that the appliance switch was off.

The OCD did reoccur, but the level was steadily decreasing. We continued tapping for it sometimes just for 10 minutes over the phone. It did require persistent tapping and then all signs of OCD cleared.

Tanya feels free and confident now. I explained to her that, as we clear the fears and negative emotions that hold us back, we are embracing more of our personal power.

I do want to point out that OCD is termed as “incurable” and with EFT we would clear all traces of the problem.