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After EFT: No More Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dear EFT Community,

Aileen Nobles shares two case histories in which EFT successfully cleared irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She leads her clients to see the conection between their fear of not being in control and their bowels “letting go.”

– EFT Universe

By Aileen Nobles

I hope these two cases can be of assistance to anyone who has IBS. Although both these clients had complete relief, I want to add that, when cases are very advanced where surgery is imminent, I have not had success using EFT.

Case 1

Annabell’s mother called me really upset as her daughter was signed up to go to Europe with her school this summer. Apparently, Annabell suffered from IBS, which made it very difficult for her to do most of the things young people do, as she always had to be near a bathroom.

I asked her what was going on in her life around the first episode, which had started a couple of years previously. At that time, she had just finished taking finals, which had been extremely stressful, and then she had gone out to celebrate at a party with her friends. She drank more than usual (which was never much) and had relaxed, and let go of her self-control. The IBS started the next day.

We tapped on:

“Even though I was out of control at the party, I am quite wonderful anyway.”

“Even though I am usually in control and like it that way, I allowed myself to let go and it didn’t feel good afterward, but either way I would love to love and accept myself anyway.”

“I felt so out of control and now I can’t control my bowels.”

“It’s humiliating, and I am losing my confidence.”

“I hate myself for feeling so out of control.”

Tears started to pour, and I asked her when she had felt this out of control in her life before. She remembered an incident when her parents left her alone in the house for the evening. She was 7 and was not allowed to go to the grown-up party. She became terrified and ended up soiling her underwear and the sofa. When her parents came home, she felt that she had let them down by not being brave.

We tapped on:

“Of course I was terrified, I was just a little girl.”

“I shouldn’t have been left alone at age 7.”

“It’s okay that I felt out of control with fear, most 7-year-olds would feel that way.”

“I was, and I am quite wonderful, and it’s safe for me to have normal functioning bowels.”

“I deserve to have normal bowel movements, whether I am being self-disciplined or relaxing and letting go.”

“I am safe, and my body knows it.”

“I deserve to have fun with my friends without having to worry about bathrooms all the time.”

“My bowels are now functioning perfectly.”

“I can go to Europe with my friends, and have fun. I deserve it and allow it.”

We tapped this last statement in around the ears, bypassing her conscious mind.

After that session, there was no recurrence of the problem.

Case 2

The other client had different emotions that triggered her 6-month period of IBS. “Emily” was a high-powered editor for a very well known intellectual magazine. She was extremely irritable with other people if they did not do things her way, and she felt that it was demeaning to her if she paid other people compliments.

Needless to say, to have no control over her bowels was absolutely humiliating.

We first worked on clearing her issues around needing to control others, and feeling powerful by suppressing or degrading others.

Emily was at heart a spiritual woman who revered the Dalai Lama, and longed to know his peaceful serenity and his wonderful sense of humor.

We did quite a bit of clearing of her mother’s degrading comments. Working with Emily to feel that she was never good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough allowed a huge breakthrough to take place.

We worked on her connection with her own inner beauty that had been suppressed and covered with a persona that she thought was feeding her by creating an image of power and success.

We tapped on feeling secure and safe enough to pay compliments to others to help them feel good about their work.

Emily had had the feeling that if she helped anyone else feel good about themselves, it diminished her. That was completely turned around.

We tapped on not needing to feel so irritated and to be more relaxed.

“Even though I am irritated most of the time, I would love to love and accept myself anyway.”

“I am so easily irritated, no wonder my colon is also acting that way.”

“What if I don’t have to control others, and I can connect with my Higher Self and trust that everybody has their own way of working?”

“I don’t even have control over my own bowels.”

“What if my wonderful physical body is talking to me?”

The words “wonderful physical body” really triggered resistance. We tapped and talked about the possibility that her body was asking her in the only way it knew to look at her emotions.

She considered the possibility that her body was giving her messages from her Higher Self to facilitate her growth and healing.

“What if I make a space within me that believes that IBS is my friend, asking me to look at various aspects of myself.”

“Hello, body, I am now listening to you. Thank you for talking to me this way. I am now listening to you and do not need to have out-of-control bowels any longer.”

“As I let go of my irritation and move into a more peaceful, positive, and accepting state, my own control of my bowels happens.”

“I am ready, I want it, I choose it, I deserve it, and so it is.”

That was the last of the problem, and it was accomplished in two phone sessions.

I wish all cases responded as well as these two, but, in my experience, if EFT is used early on with this challenge, wonderful things can happen.

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