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Andrew Vidich on Love is a Secret

Love Is a Secret: The Mystic Quest for Divine Love by Dr. Andrew Vidich.

I’ve been close friends with mystic Andrew Vidich since 1980. He is one of the most deeply spiritual and inspiring people I know. When we get together, we talk for hours about subjects like:

– How do you identify a genuine mystical experience?
– What’s the common thread in all religions?
– What are the hallmarks of a genuine spiritual guide?
– How can we bring the divine into everyday life?

25 years ago I published the first edition of his book Love Is a Secret. Now, I’m privileged to be publishing a revised anniversary edition.

Over the last 5,000 years, inspired leaders and saints of all the great spiritual traditions have produced a rich collection of writings describing the transcendent states they have experienced. Andrew’s book is filled with the poetry, prose, and sacred art they have used to illuminate their deepest spiritual encounters.

It identifies ten distinct psychological states common to all religious experience. A study of the specific characteristics of each state reveals that sages from widely different theologies, times and cultures have experienced spiritual ecstasy in remarkably similar ways.

Their words show us what intimate encounters with “the Great Beloved” feel like, and how we can cultivate these mystical unions in our own lives. I have Love Is A Secret by my bedside and read it for inspiration to start my day.

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~Dawson Church, PhD, EFT Expert, researcher & trainer
President of EFTUniverse

“This book eloquently describes the real life-work of every mature human being in every great culture of humanity.”–Lex Hixon, USA Leader of the al-Jerrahi Sufi Order

“Whatever stream you identify with, this book unites all streams that flow into the divine ocean of love.” –Dr. Rick Jaro, Professor of Mideast Language and Religion, Columbia University


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