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EFT Tapping Workshop: Dream to Freedom

For more information: https://eftuniverse.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10663

EFT Universe presents our new workshop: Dream to Freedom presented by Dawson Church.

When: 2013 To be announced
Where: Airport Embassy Suites, San Francisco, California
Instructors: Dawson Church, EFT Universe
Bob and Lynne Hoss, DreamScience Foundation

Dreams are often laden with emotion. Not only do the dreams themselves contain emotional triggers, but a frightening dream can leave us stressed and shaken in waking life. We might also be anxious about the possible recurrence of a bad dream.

The Dream to Freedom Techniqueâ„¢ (DTF) (Hoss & Hoss 2010) is an effective way to address both the fear-producing aspects of dreams, and the waking anxiety associated with the possible recurrence of the dream.

Using a structured approach drawn from traditional Gestalt therapy, it identifies emotionally triggering elements of a dream, and then applies EFT to each one in turn. Bob and Lynne Hoss are pioneers of the Dream to Freedom (DTF) technique, which uses the Gestalt technique of having the dreamer enter into the identity of an element in the dream and speak from the perspective of that dream element.

This practice, when combined with EFT, often provides surprising insights about the link between the dream and your waking life problems. DTF closes by guiding you on an imaginal journey in which a desired outcome to the dream is used to consciously replace the previous negative outcome.

Stories on EFT Universe show dreamers using EFT to:

–Evoke lucid dreams;
–Eliminate recurring nightmares;
–Remember forgotten dreams;
–Access their subconscious creativity;
–Heal old childhood traumas;
–Reduce emotional triggering when they can’t recall a specific event;
–Heal anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other psychological problems;
–Tap within dreams.

This DTF workshop represents one of the most fascinating frontiers in which EFT can be applied, and is recommended for longtime dreamwork students as well as those with a more casual interest in the intersection between dreamwork, personal growth, and EFT.

This workshop provides credit as an EFT Universe speciality workshop. A free copy of Bob Hoss’s book Dream Language: Self-understanding through Imagery and Color is included with the class. These workshops are videotaped.


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