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EFT for First Aid: EFT’s Basic Recipe – Video 2 of 4

http://www.traumatap.com Dawson Church reviews The EFT Basic Recipe. Emotional freedom techniques most fundamental procedure is called, “The Basic Recipe.”

While the Basic Recipe can be very short, it borrows elements from earlier therapies such as CBT and exposure therapy.

The Basic Recipe consists of 4 basic ingredients:

1. The Setup,
2. The Sequence,
3. The 9 Gamut Procedure, and
4. The Sequence.

EFT for First Aid

This program is designed to relieve the stress of people who are suffering from any of the most common injuries, ailments, or health emergencies.

These include:

— Abrasions/Scrapes
— Bites
— Bruises
— Burns
— Choking
— Cuts
— Nosebleeds
— Nausea
— Poisoning
— Sprains
— Stings

EFT can be very useful right after an injury or the onset of an ailment, as well as later in the healing process. Research shows that EFT can reduce physical pain, as well as the emotions that often arise after an injury or ailment, such as fear, guilt, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.

EFT can also help address the core beliefs and self-esteem issues that cause stress, making us feel worse after an injury or other health incident. We’ve kept everything in this program short and sweet, so you can quickly find what you need, and apply EFT to emergency situations fast.

Make sure you get proper and immediate medical attention, and use EFT to support your healing journey. EFT is not intended as a substitute for psychological or medical care. It is most useful as a self-help method that supports the treatment provided by your primary care provider.


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