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EFT for First Aid: The Next Steps in Your Healing Journey – Video 4 of 4

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Do you have a First Aid kit around the house? When you have an unexpected emergency, like cutting your finger while chopping vegetables, or your child slips and falls, or you hit your head on an open cabinet door, you know you need it!

As important as that kit is, it’s equally important that you reduce the stress of your injury. Studies show that wounds heal up to 40% faster in the absence of stress. If you can boost your immune system’s ability to heal wounds, you’ll be much better able to cope with the unexpected emergencies of life.

To help you, we’ve created a powerful new healing tool called EFT for First Aid. It’s an online course that teaches you how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or acupressure point tapping) during emergency situations. It’s rich with video and text instructions on how to use EFT for the most common problems.


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