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EFT Tapping: EFT and the Awakened Mind – Cultivating Advanced Brain States

https://www.eftuniverse.com – Dawson Church, PhD and EFT Universe present a new EFT tapping workshop: EFT and the Awakened Mind Cultivating Advanced Brain States presented by Dawson Church. Register now: http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1135469

In this amazing workshop, you will see exactly what stress looks like in the human brain. Then, while monitoring brain, heart and body, you’ll see how EFT releases that stress quickly and permanently. Using modern brain wave technology, you will visually see how EFT is able to melt away the brain patterns of anxiety and upset, replacing them with peace and harmony, allowing you to achieve the perfectly balanced “Awakened Mind” state. The first 32 people to register will receive a personal session of EEG monitoring. You’ll also receive individual feedback on your own personal heart and brainwave rhythms. This gives you practical experience of what emotional self-regulation does for you, and a fresh understanding of the inner workings of your own brain. You will:

Watch live monitoring of the four major brain wave frequencies
Experience what each type of brainwave feels like
Learn to induce the “Awakened Mind” state in your own brain
Witness beneficial brain changes from clearing emotional trauma with EFT
Borrow benefits during live demo sessions
Optimize self-regulation skills for your own life
Develop a more efficient practice with your clients
Decades of measuring the brainwave patterns of higher states of consciousness has shown the interrelationships of brainwave frequencies that develop as the Awakened Mind state is induced. It is characterized by a combination of all four categories of brain waves — beta, alpha, theta, and delta — in the right relationship and very specific balanced proportions. This subtle and individualized combination of beta, alpha, theta and delta can be identified, encouraged and induced. This special brainwave pattern, or state, is is the access state to all states of higher awareness, creativity, intuition, high performance, and healing, and you’ll learn to induce it yourself during the course of the workshop, as you remove your blocks to joy using EFT.

After the powerful experiences of these 2 days of EFT and biofeedback, you will leave with tangible tools you can really put into practice for both yourself or your clients. This workshop qualifies as a Level 4 workshop for the purposes of EFT Universe certification.


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