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EFT Tapping for Fibromyalgia Course Introduction with Dawson Church PhD

https://www.eftuniverse.com – EFT is a breakthrough treatment for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and similar conditions.

Dawson Church PhD talks about the pain, despair, and limitation fibromyalgia patients suffer through before finding EFT. After EFT, many report complete or partial remission, even though fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are labeled “incurable” by the US National Institutes of Health and many medical professionals.

Dawson Church can teach you the steps of the method they used. It’s called “Clinical EFT” because it has been validated in dozens of clincal trials, including one showing that fibromyalgia sufferers experienced much less pain, anxiety and depression after learning EFT, with many recovering completely.

The reason for EFTs remarkable results is that it reduces stress, especially stress associated with negative emotions such as anger, guilt, grief, shame and blame. This book will guide you into identifying the traumatic experiences that contribute to stress, and tapping away their emotional charge. Imagine: no drugs, surgery, or demanding treatment regimens; just the powerful medicine of emotional healing, stress reduction, and inner peace.


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