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How Use Your Money Intuition to Guide Your Prosperity by Dawson Church

http://TappingMoneyMiracles.com EFT trainer, Dawson Church, PhD shares how to use your Money Intuition to increase your prosperity. Dawson offers examples of using Money Intuition successfully in his own life.

Money Intuition: How To Combine EFT with the Law of Attraction to Make Abundance Inevitable

Is what manifests around you really the result of your thoughts?

Can you actually create wealth simply by changing your mind?

The idea seems crazy at first. After all, if anyone could create money with just a thought, why aren’t we all rich? The reason that you don’t have the money you want is that you have subconscious blocks arguing against it.

Sure, consciously you’re clear about your money goals. But subconsciously, other voices inside you have different agendas. They make sure you don’t succeed.

That’s why so many people are frustrated and disappointed with the Law of Attraction (LOA). It states that our thoughts create our reality, but the facts we see around us are very different from the desires we hold in our thoughts.

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is the most effective way of identifying and dissolving those money blocks. Superficial EFT tapping can take care of many problems, but it doesn’t go deep enough to get to the roots of money obstacles.

The sophisticated techniques found in Clinical EFT are able to identify self-sabotaging thoughts you didn’t even know existed.

They go deep into your subconscious mind to illuminate the beliefs and convictions that keep you miserable and broke. Rather than fighting against those parts of yourself, you learn to listen to them, mine them for hidden gifts, and turn them into allies.

Dawson Church teaches The Tapping Money Miracles workshop and he shows you exactly how to combine EFT with Law of Attraction for maximum results. When they’re skillfully combined, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

In Dawson’s dynamic, hands-on, personalized experience, you’ll learn:

– The #1 habit of thought that keeps money away from you.
– Your most basic block to being successful with the Law of Attraction.
– The mind-set that allows millionaires to create money effortlessly.
– Why you’re good at creating results in some parts of your life, but not in others.
– The four step process for turning thoughts to things.
– How to identify the hidden blockages that sabotage our goals.
– How our early childhood programming pre-programs us to limitation.
– How to track your manifestational results to build money confidence.
– How you can regularly attract money from unexpected sources.
– Why measuring your results is a barometer of wealth creation.
– How to customize tapping phrases for your unique situation.

Learn more at: http://efttrainer.com/efttrainer-com-tapping-money-miracles/


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