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EFT Provides Instant Relief for Poison Ivy Itching

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Dear Readers,

Allergic reactions to poision ivy can cause itching for weeks. In this short submission, Dr. Fred Feldstein eliminated his client’s discomfort in minutes. 

-Will M

By Dr. Fred Feldstein

I was working with a woman named Patti who was interested in achieving a life goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which she had tried to achieve but was never successful. I told her that I could help her by removing the limiting beliefs she had about achieving this goal, by using an incredible energy technique that clears electrical energy blocks that impede her from achieving her goal in this area.

Patti was interested but very skeptical. We sat down to discuss this, and it was a courtesy consultation with no obligations. As I was explaining what we were going to do, and how the technique worked, I noticed that Patti was itching herself non-stop. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had gotten poison ivy all over her body and that it was pretty bad. I told her that the technique we were discussing about helping remove her limiting beliefs about qualifying for the marathon, might also be able to help with the itching of the poison ivy. Would she like to try it? She said, “Please, help me!”

So we began. She rated the itching as a constant 7-8 intensity, all over her body. I asked her which part bothered her the most. She said her leg. We started with:

“Even though I have this severe itching on my leg from poison ivy…”

We did one round of the shortcut version, and I asked her to rate her itching. She looked at me with this incredibly amazed look, and said, “I don’t feel it.” I asked her if she didn’t feel it on her leg only, or anywhere else on her body, and she said, “I don’t feel it anywhere.” She was amazed! She asked me if the itching would be gone for good, and if it came back, could she could call me up at 3:00 in the morning. I told her I would write down the points to tap on and what to say if it happened again, and she could try it herself. She agreed.

When I spoke with her the next afternoon to find out to how she was doing, she told me that the itching hadn’t bothered her all evening, but  it came back in the middle of the night. However, she followed the tapping points that I wrote for her, and it went away immediately, and it hadn’t come back. She was totally amazed.