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Sense of Smell Regained with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Marilyn MCWiliams, Certified EFT Practitioner, a hypnotherapist and coach for The Veterans Stress Project, writes how a client’s sense of smell was restored after tapping with EFT.  

-EFT Universe

By Marilyn McWilliams, EFT INT – 1

Regaining the ability to smell “and everything it stands for.”

A client called desperate to ‘try anything’ after a 2 month long bout with some kind of sinus infection which had left her with an extremely uncomfortable parched mouth, nasal passages that felt like “dust” and virtually no sense of smell.

After many tests her doctors had concluded that “it shouldn’t be that way” and that they had nothing to offer.

She rated the level of dryness in her nasal passages and mouth at a “10.”

We tested her ability to smell with a bottle of Orange Extract and she estimated that her ability to smell it was “about 4%” (i.e. a SUDS rating of only 0.4.).

After drinking some water her mouth remained completely parched and dry. After half an hour of tapping, her salivary glands were working in sections of her mouth and leaving other dry “patches.”

We started to tap of the “dry patchiness” but ended up having to tap for dryness in several separate sections of her mouth (e.g. the inside of the lower lip, the inside of the left cheek, the edges of the tongue, etc.).

She had had no water to drink once we started tapping, but after her entire mouth was restored to a high saliva level and she was very comfortable, I said she could have some more water.

I always throw in an occasional “…and everything it stands for.”

We don’t know what the dryness stands for and we don’t need to know, but the person’s system knows and has always cooperated nicely.

It’s like saying to the person’s system: 

“We may not know the right thing to tap on here, but since YOU DO, would you just add all the right things in for us now so that we’re tapping on whatever this is actually about?”

Before and after working on the dryness, we tapped on the limitation of her ability to smell (i.e. smell-less-ness and olfactory limitation) and by the end of the session she had completely regained her sense of smell.

Testing was a great deal of fun as we sampled my kitchen cabinet and she delighted in the full olfactory experience of the orange extract, vanilla, lemon extract, and soy sauce. (This testing opportunity identified a hitherto un-sung advantage of working from a home-office.).

She left with a fully active sense of smell, comfortable mucus membranes, and an intention to tell her doctor about EFT.

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