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Tap Away that Hacking Cough

Tap Away that Hacking Cough

by Cindy VanRooy


Dear EFT Community,

Anyone who has ever lost sleep due to a hacking cough will appreciate this one-minute wonder by Cindy VanRooy. EFT doesn’t always work this quickly, but when it does it really gets our attention.

– EFT Universe

I’ve only been doing EFT for a couple of months.  I’ve finished the basic course and am working my way through the advanced and Palace of Possibilities videos. Nevertheless, the process is so simple that I feel pretty confident doing it.

Our thirty-year-old daughter, who is staying with us temporarily, woke us all up with a dry, hacking cough in the middle of the night last night. The coughing continued for over an hour and it was clear that none of us would get any sleep unless something was done.

Since we had neither cough drops nor cough syrup, I suggested to her that we try tapping to quiet the cough.  

She gave me that look that says ‘mom is being even nuttier than usual,’ but knew from experience that it would be easier to comply than argue. After one quick, impatient round of the basic recipe including wrist and top of the head tapping on:

Even though I have this cough…

She was surprised to find that her cough was completely gone!  It never returned and from that point on a good night was had by all.