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Mental EFT Tapping for a Persistent Allergy

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Dear EFT Community,

Rishikesh Sutaria shares an intriguing story using mental EFT Tapping (imagining the tapping) for her burning, itchy, and red eyes from allergies that doctors had been unable to clear up for her.

– EFT Universe

By Rishikesh Sutaria

I’ve been suffering from burning, itchy, and red eyes for nearly a year. One doctor stated that I had an allergy to dust, and I should always use a car for commuting. He prescribed some antibiotics, but that did not resolve the problem. He then upgraded the medicines to some steroids with still no relief.

Another doctor said that my problem was due to the dandruff on my eyelashes, which when it went into my eyes created the itchiness, burning, and tears.

All this continued for 10 months.

God! I was really frustrated over this.

I had been using EFT Tapping for three months on the eye itchiness, burning, and tears, but it did not seem to be working. Then one fine day, in one of your EFT Insight newsletters, I read about Mental Tapping and allergies, so I decided to give it a try.

While riding back home from work, I started Mental Tapping because my hands were not free (driving my car). I started with the side of the hand Point (all mentally only, NO physical tapping) and then all the other tapping points, including the fingers.

I mentally tapped:

Even though my eyes have got this dust allergy, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I do not know how and when my eyes created a bond with dust that I do not want anymore, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my eyes creating this bond with the dust and pollution around is hurting me so much and is NOT at all good for me and now I command my body to break this bond, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though this is a useless bond and is not at all beneficial, I now break this bond, I deeply and completely accept myself. I choose that my eyes be healthy and are no more affected by this dust. I choose to clear off all allergies of my eyes with the dust.

EB: this allergy of dust to my eyes

SE: this bond between dust and eyes

UE: this burning in my eyes

UN: this itchiness in my eyes

Ch: this redness in my eyes

CB: this allergy of dust

UA: these tears

TH: this pain in my eyes

IF: this allergy to dust

MF: this allergy

BF: I let this allergy go out of my body.

I kept repeating this entire procedure during the time of travel, which was approximately 20 minutes. All the previous was done mentally only and not even speaking out loud.

By the time I reached home, the pain, burning, and itchiness had already become a SUD level of 0.

There was still some tears flowing, but I did not give any more thought to it. The next morning all symptoms were gone, no pain, no redness, no burning, no itching, and no tears–just normal eyes.

It is now almost four months later, but the symptoms have not returned. As a secondary benefit, I have noted that during this winter, I have not picked up any coughs or a cold.

Every year, at the beginning of winter, I normally get a cough and cold, and I have to be on antibiotics and some decongestant syrups.

I also checked myself by going out purposefully into dusty environments a couple of times, but the symptoms have not returned and my eyes are still normal.

It is difficult to conclude that Mental Tapping is better, or equal to, physical tapping.

This breakthrough may very well have been due to the constant use of EFT for 20 minutes and higher level of mental consciousness for an extended period of time prior to Mental Tapping, but I like how Mental Tapping made me feel and how easy it was to perform.