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4 EFT Tapping Setup Statements with Reframes for Feelings of Shame

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By S. Robertson

Reframes are a simplification of EFT Tapping Setup Statement to promote the mental process of re-directing one’s way of looking at a specific issue.

When used correctly, Reframes add a different element to the basic EFT setup statement tapping round by either expanding on the emotional issue from a different perspective, or by offering a clearer insight into the issue at hand. Reframes are notably more powerful when they are combined with specific EFT tapping setup statements.

Feelings of shame, guilt, and unworthiness are among the lowest energies you can sustain as a human being. Releasing them will have obvious benefits on your day-to-day energy, healing responses, and the universal abundance showing up in your life.

I’ve put together 4 EFT tapping Setup Statements and some possible corresponding Reframes to demonstrate how Reframes can be used in a tapping session The EFT tapping setup statements and the corresponding below are tailored to those who have been infected by “not-good-enough” feelings, or those stuck in feelings of unworthiness and/or guilt.

I usually begin tapping on the knife-hand strike point (Karate chop point) and continue round the usual tapping points whilst continuing to state my custom EFT setup statement for the situation at hand.

For those concerned about tapping whilst stating positive setup statements and using Reframes of the same–remember that even where the subconscious mind may not agree with the positive statement, or the positive Reframe doesn’t land, the tail-ender objection will immediately be brought up, and you can automatically begin tapping on that, either consciously or unconsciously.

Needless to say, substitute your situation and emotions in the setup, and customize as far as possible.

4 Tapping Setup Statements and Their Reframes:

Tapping Statement #1:

Even though I feel [ashamed, sorry, guilty, unworthy], this [name issue] doesn’t represent everything about me because I deeply and completely accept myself.


It’s not my entire person.

It’s not the last word on me.

It doesn’t represent me as a person.

It doesn’t describe all of me; there’s much more to me.

My skills, abilities, resources, sparkling attributes, and I am ultimately innocent, and always worthy of love, and I always have good intentions!

Tapping Statement #2:

Even though I feel [ashamed, sorry, guilty, unworthy] about this [name issue], and I DON’T forgive myself for this [problem], I still deeply and completely accept myself.


I would never pin this on anyone else,

Self-blame is no better than blaming someone else.

Tapping Statement #3:

Even though I feel [ashamed, sorry, guilty, unworthy] about this [name issue], I deeply and completely accept myself.


Yet I never feel guilty/sorry/ashamed/unworthy that I am well, while others are sick. 

I can never be hungry enough to feed one starving child.

Not even one thimble-full of my guilt/shame/sorrow/unworthiness will change what happened, but somehow I’m managing to feel guilty/shame/sorrow/unworthy about this. 

Somehow I’m believing that me feeling bad is helping in some way. 

Which does seem ridiculous.

Tapping Statement #4:

Even though I feel [ashamed, sorry, guilty] about this [name issue], I deeply and completely accept myself. 


I was born deserving,

I’ll die deserving 

The only question is, if I’ll give myself a break for the bit in the middle.