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How to Clear Lifelong Feelings of Guilt with EFT

How to Clear Lifelong Feelings of Guilt with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

Positive EFT therapist, Ilana Weiler reveals how she helped a friend achieve success releasing lifelong guilt feelings to create personal freedom. As you read her EFT success story, notice how she uses core EFT concepts, like finding specific events and teh Chasing the Pain Technique.


By Ilana Weiler

Chaya is a very close friend of mine and a real lover of EFT. While working together on some recent issues, she claimed to always be feeling, in some way or another, “guilty.” Even when unhappy with someone else’s deeds, she would somehow feel guilty.

We tapped:

Even though I always feel guilty, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This tapping round helped in bringing emotions to the surface and Chaya felt her SUD Level of Intensity was an 8 on a scale of 0 to 10. I asked her where in her body she felt the guilt. She replied that it was located in her stomach.

We tapped:

Even though I feel that guilt in my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself.

After a few rounds of tapping, she felt nauseas in her stomach. I asked her to remember the first time that she felt guilty. She responded, “Since I was very small, maybe from the age of 3 … since my sister was born.” I asked why she felt guilty. She said that her sister was the “good” girl–easy to satisfy, who hardly cried–whereas Chaya felt she was the “bad” girl. This revelation brought an intensified pain in her stomach that felt like a knot.

We tapped:

Even though, I have this knot of guilt in my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We tapped on the EFT points with these reframes:

This guilt,

This knot of guilt,

Guilt in my stomach,

She was the good girl,

I was the bad girl,


She was easy to please,

I was not,

These guilt memories in my stomach.

Now Chaya said the pain in her stomach had resided, but she now felt tightness in her chest. Using Chasing the Pain Technique seemed to be the right thing to do.

We tapped:

Even though I feel tightness and constriction in my chest, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We tapped on the EFT points with these reframes:

Tightness in my chest,

Hard to breathe,

This guilt,


This guilt makes it hard for me to breathe,

Can’t breathe,

This ancient guilt,

It is in my chest.

On the Gamut Point, we tapped:

I felt guilty since I was so small.

On the top of the head, we tapped:

Feeling guilty makes my breathing constricted.

We tapped:

Even though I was born guilty, I accept myself. I love myself.

Even though I think babies are guilty for the way they are born for who they are when they are born, I choose to forgive myself.

We tapped on the EFT points repeating the following reframes:

I was born guilty,

This was my fault,

What kind of a baby was I?

I am guilty,

Guilty baby.

Before ending this round, Chaya looked at me and said, “No, it is not my fault. What baby on earth is guilty for anything? All babies are “pure” and innocent.”

Now we tapped reframes on the positive:

All babies are innocent,

It was not my fault

Tears of relief began to run down her cheeks. She began to smile.

This could have been the end of the session if her SUD Level of Intensity was down to 0, but I wanted to be sure about the effectiveness of our work. A specific event was needed. I asked Chaya to try and recall one. As she did, she suddenly felt an unbearable pain in the center of her back, the back point of the heart chakra. It was freezing cold and painful and she was shivering. I placed my hand on that spot, but she could not bear it. I tried leading her through some guided imagery in order to heat the place, with no success. So tapping was the right thing.

I tapped on her for a few rounds while she repeated:


Freezing cold,


It was a while before she could feel the place warming up and a sense of tranquility.

She was now relaxed and it seemed that we did not need to discusses the details of that specific event. It didn’t need to be a verbal process. It was such a strong physical reaction that the body remembered. We checked for her feelings, body sensations–all was relaxed and clear.

A week later, I spoke to her. She confided, “I feel so relaxed. I was able to stand straight and hear all kinds of remarks made by my partner without feeling automatically guilty. We had a conversation about the issue that was brought up, but I feel like a different person.”

What an amazing result. I am so grateful for EFT.