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EFT Clears Chronic Dizziness and Digestive Problems

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Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner Aileen Nobles writes how EFT helped a client who had suffered for 3 years with constant dizziness and difficulty digesting food. Identifying and clearing specific related events was the key to resolution of her health issues.

-EFT Universe

By Aileen Nobles

EFT worked its magic once again, as it allowed a very happy outcome after years of distress.

For nearly 3 years, Tamara had been experiencing dizziness and difficulty eating without great discomfort. She had been to every specialist imaginable to find out why she had constant dizziness. No doctor had the answer. She had also tried acupuncture and various frequency machines. One practitioner thought it was her vagus nerve, a long nerve that affects the head as well as the intestines. Too much stress can affect this nerve, and only time while de-stressing will allow it to heal.

Her symptoms started 2 years after her father had a massive stroke. The constant dizziness and the inability to digest most foods was quite debilitating, as she had a 1-year-old baby to look after at that time. During her pregnancy with her second child, the dizziness improved somewhat. But recently it had become worse again, especially when she did not get enough sleep. Finally she was ready to try EFT.

We started tapping:

Even though it was a real shock to my system when I heard Dad was expected to die, I deeply, I totally love and accept myself anyway.
Even though I couldn’t digest what I was hearing from my mother and I was thrown completely off balance…
Even though I didn’t know how to swallow the trauma with Dad when I heard he was in ICU, as it was more than I could handle…

We did a few rounds on:
My whole world turned upside down, and I couldn’t make it better.
I remember clearly when I heard the news, and it felt like it as more than I could swallow, more than I could cope with,
My head was reeling.
I couldn’t digest the news
It threw me out of my center.
I have this energy block inside me.

I asked where she was feeling the blocked energy and she said it was in her throat. It was greenish yellow and the size of a grapefruit. We tapped on whatever emotion was in this blockage, fear/anger/helplessness/sadness. All the emotions came down to a 0, as the grapefruit-sized blockage shrunk to nothing. “I really don’t want to hold on to these emotions, they are not helping me or Dad or Mum. I have now completely released them.”

I asked her if she remembered any other incident where she had these same feelings of being knocked off balance, unable to digest what was happening.

She became emotional and mentioned that when she got married she had the responsibility of two challenging stepchildren to raise. Then her dad had his stroke, her mother needed support, and she was pregnant.

I asked her to connect with that part of her that was stuck with all the responsibility seen as trauma that went on at that time in her life. We tapped on all the emotions this subpersonality was holding on to from the subpersonality’s perspective.

It’s too much for me.
I don’t want this responsibility.
They are not my children.
I just want to take care of my baby and my husband.

We tapped until the anger and overwhelm were down to 0.
She forgave herself for not being all things to all people.
I did the best I knew how, and in retrospect I did a wonderful job.

Tamara explained to her that everything turned out well as the children grew up and went to college. She embraced this part of her as she imagined her becoming loving, happy, strong, and calm.

It seemed as if we had covered everything, but just to make sure, I asked if there were any other times that she had been thrown off balance in a situation that was hard to digest. She went back to an incident with her fourth-grade teacher. One day when Tamara was in the bathroom feeling unwell, her teacher ran in crying hysterically, having a nervous breakdown. Tamara felt terrified, and didn’t know what to do. We tapped on:

That was really upsetting when I saw Miss Reedhead have a breakdown.
I didn’t know how to help her.
She’s meant to be the one in control not me.
Teachers are meant to be in control not out of control, and I couldn’t help her.
I couldn’t help her but of course I couldn’t, I was just a little girl.
Even though Miss Reedhead lost it in the bathroom, and I really felt badly for her, we both survived.
She lost it and I was helpless.
I got so dizzy watching her out of control, and I didn’t know what to do.
Its time for me to release Miss Reedhead from my energy.
She probably quit teaching and lived happily ever after.
It’s safe for me to have a clear head, swallow freely with energy clearly flowing through my body.
It’s now time for me to be centered, balanced, and strong.
I choose it, I deserve it, and I allow it, and so it is.

After this one session Tamara reported how much better she felt. We did one more short session and all dizziness had disappeared. She later told me that she can now happily eat anything she wants with no discomfort at all. She is now an EFT believer.