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EFT Certified Practitioner Resources

Dear EFT Practitioner,

At EFT Universe we are committed to your success! On this page, you’ll find some of the resources we believe will assist you in building and maintaining a thriving practice, and having a great life as you do so. Please bookmark this page.

The two most effective promotional tools you have are (a) the stories you submit to this site, and (b) your practitioner listing on EFT Universe. Many of the key pages on EFT Universe receive over 20,000 unique web visitors a month. If you send us client stories, especially within a few well-defined niches, (e.g., children and families, diabetes, pain, etc.) you will become known, and new clients will seek you out. Here’s the EFT Universe submission portal where you submit your stories.

Here’s what one practitioner says who does this regularly:

“The EFT Universe newsletter and website is the place where I get all my clients and referrals. I really count on you guys. Thank you.”
– Nancy A. Morris, EFT Practitioner-1

The second promotional tool is your practitioner listing. EFT Universe spends over ten thousand dollars a month maintaining and publicizing this site, with an emphasis on promoting certified practitioners.

If you haven’t updated your practitioner listing lately, please log in and update your photograph and listing information here!

-Dawson Church.

Practitioner Development Calls:

When you are on the EFTUniverse official practitioner email mailing list with EFTUniverse, we will email you the dates, times and subjects to be discussed to help you fully utilize EFTUniverse and grow your business. Sign up here.

Free Audio Programs:

Integrating EFT into Alternative and Holistic Health and Coaching Practices (such as chiropractic, acupuncture, Energy Medicine, bodywork, hypnotherapy, health coaching, nutrition and weight loss professional practices). Presented by EFT Universe trainer Dale Teplitz. 75 minutes.

What’s New in EFT Research and Training. EFT Universe administrator Dawson Church shares the latest news on EFT research and training.

Practitioner Development Call Replays:

Energy Psychology and EFT professionals are expected to practice with awareness of the diverse backgrounds of the clients with whom they work, and to engage clients with cultural humility and competence. Among the cultural considerations for working with diverse populations are language barriers; religious beliefs and family values; community beliefs and practices; cultural attitudes to gender and age; cultural conceptions of health and illness; issues related to ethnic assimilation and cultural preservation; and attitudes toward women, children, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, and elders.

Research shows that EFT is able to quickly release emotional triggers. This makes it uniquely suitable for use when approaching charged issues including ethnicity, bias, and unconscious stereotyping. A diverse working group of EFT practitioners has engaged the practitioner community in a dialog about the need for ethnic and cultural awareness during treatment sessions. This video presentation outlines the issues.


Practitioner Forms:

We have collaborated with clinical psychologist David Feinstein on a product called the Energy Healer’s Toolkit. The toolkit, published by David’s company Innersource, contains all the forms required to set up a practice, including informed consent, client referral, session notes, and so on. It contains logos for both Eden Energy Medicine and EFT Universe practitioners, so you can customize your forms. You can find the toolkit here, and as an EFT Universe subscriber you will automatically recieve a $30 discount.