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EFT for Atrial Fibrillation

EFT for Atrial Fibrillation

Dear EFT Community,

Linda Pincus tells of the rapid resolution with EFT of her husband’s more than two-year atrial fibrillation. 

-Stephanie M

By Linda Pincus, RN, EFT CC

My husband, Gary, has experienced atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeats, for over two years. He has no heart disease, yet when these episodes occur, he feels weak, lightheaded, short-of-breath, and just plain tired.

The atrial fibrillation occurs somewhere between one to six weeks repeatedly and, when it appears, it lasts for 16-24 hours. Luckily, his pulse stays in the 70s-80s, or we would be in the hospital to convert it back to a normal rhythm. Basically, during these times, he takes to his recliner and pretty much just rests.

He is on no medication other than a daily aspirin, because he is healthy except for this most annoying and at times scary irregular heartbeat. After all, it is his heart–pretty important.

The main concern with this condition is the possibility of a stroke from blood pooling in the upper chambers of the heart, and then forming a clot. He didn’t even want to take aspirin but made that concession in the interest of longer-term health.

Atrial fibrillation, or a-fib, as we call it, has made an otherwise athletic man who hikes, plays tennis, and is generally quite active into a sedentary and fearful person during the episodes.

But that was before EFT.

One day, during one of his a-fib times, I said to Gary, “Look, I know you are skeptical of the EFT I use in my practice to help people with many things, but you have nothing to lose. Why not try it?”

He finally agreed (hooray!), and I told him he had to follow it exactly as I would teach it to him and do what I recommended. He agreed to that too.

I showed him the technique I felt would be best for him.

He did it three times, left the room, and I went to my computer to do some work. In about fifteen minutes, he was back. I thought he wanted some further instruction, or to tell me that he wasn’t going to do this “silly tapping.” Was I ever wrong! He told me that his heart was in a normal rhythm, took 15 minutes to convert it back. (Another and bigger hooray!)

That was over four months ago. Gary so far has had no recurrence of the atrial fibrillation. Now, EFT is almost a “religion” to him. He taps every day without fail for a “strong, steady heartbeat.”

By the way, I taught him how to tap for his nightly snoring, and that has ended too. We have two very happy people here (and I am sleeping much better).

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