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EFT for Hypertension

There are many accounts of EFT helping lower high blood pressure, which is often related to stress. There are also incidents of practitioners using it for low blood pressure. Here are three such stories.

-Dawson Church 

By Peggy Thiel

Here’s the thing: having just turned 50, I’ve been off work these past two weeks due to a persistent and worsening irregular heartbeat combined with high blood pressure (my MD measured it two weeks ago at 160 over 105). Not good….and I don’t believe in western medications that do more harm than good.

Last night, I ran across a link to your site on the GetHealthyAgain website, read through it (in the order prescribed) in utter fascination, and downloaded the manual. Even though it was really late, I had to return to my computer to read through the Basic Recipe, and around 2:30am, I performed it on myself with respect to my heart flutter. It seemed to improve my heart’s rhythm somewhat, but this morning it was still ongoing. I reread the manual’s instructions, realized I hadn’t utilized the Repeating Phrase, and when I went through the Basic Recipe again about 11:00am today, my heartbeat regularized. It’s stayed that way all day!

Encouraged by this significant result, I decided to attempt a more scientific verification of the technique. Tonight, I sat down in my recliner and took my blood pressure (I have a very accurate home measurement unit with a cuff.) It was 144 over 92 — the fact that it had come down from my doctor’s previous reading might be attributable to the two weeks I’ve spent off work, perhaps.

Then I did the Basic Recipe again, focusing my energies on my high blood pressure. One minute after performing the Basic Recipe, I took my blood pressure reading again. In the space of less than 10 minutes, it had dropped from 144 over 92 to 121 over 86. Oh my God! I am a rank beginner, having never even heard of this process until last night, I’ve only done it now a total of 3 times, and it’s stabilized my heart rhythm and lowered my blood pressure over 20 points!

How absolutely incredible – I am absolutely in awe….I have experimented with probably not as many healing modalities as you have (but a lot of them nevertheless) and I have never seen anything work like this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By Robin Bilazarian, LCSW

I will begin with the results and then tell you this story. I saw an ongoing client Saturday at 9AM. We took her blood pressure at 9:00AM and it was 149/95. We talked for awhile and took it again at 9:15AM (144/98).

Then she vented excitedly about her continuing difficulties at work and harassment there and we took it again after this venting, as she appeared calm at 9:35 AM. It was 131/89. Then we did five rounds of “mechanical” EFT using her Setup Phrase of “I deeply accept myself even though I am sick of this.”

I stopped at five rounds because she began to yawn (often a signal that things have changed.) Her blood pressure at 9:50AM was 119/84!!!!! Absolute normal is 120/80!!! We used a blood pressure devise she purchased for about $80.00. Specifically it was a OMR010 automatic blood pressure model Hem 712C.I saw her the week before all this took place and she told me her BP that morning was 196/116 from being harassed at work. Since she reported it, her supervisor was retaliating and now she was reporting that too. I made her promise to call her MD after our session. She saw her physician who checked her blood pressure and her automatic monitor and said it was accurate. Needless to say, I am thrilled and plan to buy one of these monitors as there are two people I work with who have asked me if EFT works with blood pressure. My client has now agreed to do EFT daily, even though I have asked her to do this many times. !!!

by Teresa

I just had a remarkable experience:

I signed up to be part of a study but my blood pressure was so low that I could have been dropped from the study. This morning, when I was laying on the table and while the ECG was going on I did EFT: “Even though my blood pressure is low…..” and did the tapping mentally as I could not move myself…after I did it for 3 times, it was time to take the blood pressure and what a surprise! It was 125 and I was always below 100 the whole day yesterday, maybe a couple of times (out of at least 20) it read 104.

I keep teaching the procedure to as many people as I can.