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EFT Tapping Resolves Heart Arrhythmia

EFT Tapping Resolves Heart Arrhythmia

By Lorie Michaels

I would like to share a wonderful EFT moment. My close friend, who I love dearly, has been having heart arrhythmia for several months and is very concerned about it (he has seen his doctor). As a general rule, I tend to refer him to others for help because of the mushy boundaries that working with intimate friends can create. This week I asked if he would like to try EFT for the fluttery heartbeat, just so he could relax enough to sleep (which he’s not doing much).

I thought about the wonderful healings I have seen with EFT, and I really wanted to help him without worrying about any emotion or baggage between the two of us. I made a conscious choice to shelve judgments and agendas and just be an open vessel for my intuition and the power of EFT.

We covered some deep emotional ground. At one point, a picture of a bird beating its wings against the bars of its too-small cage popped into my head. I asked him to go inside and describe what his heart looked like. He described a bird in a tight cage. I was not surprised, but I was glad that it had been his description. The coherence of our visions reinforced for me that the process was working.

We did several rounds of work on the fluttery, trapped, joyless feelings, then we moved on to tapping on allowing joy and he fell asleep.

This probably took 20 minutes total, but it was profoundly moving for both of us. I could see with utter clarity the beauty of this man and this process and felt so honored and grateful to be the conduit for the experience. I feel that the main reason it worked so beautifully is that I removed my ego. I had no need to “be good” or “fix him.” I just wanted to see him have some relief.

He ended up sleeping through the night, and he noticed that his heart was not bothering him as much during the next week. With a few sessions, our hunch is that the arrhythmia will be gone.

Thanks again for making the world of EFT so open and accessible to a planet in need of healing.


Ten months have passed since the original session regarding the arrhythmia. Though we had intended to do more work on it, we never got around to another EFT session because the arrhythmia has not resurfaced since that first session! When I called to follow up about the arrhythmia, he actually said, “What arrhythmia?”

What more could you ask for?