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How I Improved My Heart Rhythm and Blood Pressure Using EFT

By P. T.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been off work these past two weeks due to a persistent and worsening irregular heartbeat combined with high blood pressure (my doctor measured it two weeks ago at 160 over 105).

Not good–and I don’t believe in some of the western medications that seem to do more harm than good when it comes to high blood pressure, although I am not encouraging anyone to stop taking their medication without discussing it with their medical doctor, but I do believe in looking at alternative treatments.

Last night, I ran across a link to an EFT book and I decided to read about emotional freedom techniques. I was in utter fascination, but somewhat skeptical, so I signed up for the EFT Newsletter and I downloaded the free EFT Mini-Manual to read.

Even though it was really late, I returned to my computer to read through the Basic Recipe, and around 2:30 a.m., I decided to perform EFT tapping on myself with respect to my heart flutter before retiring to bed.

I tapped:

Even though I am experiencing this heart flutter, I deeply and completely accept myself.

It seemed to improve my heart’s rhythm somewhat, but this morning it was still ongoing. I re-read the EFT Mini-Manual’s instructions and that’s when I realized I hadn’t utilized any Reframe Phrases. Reframing is the art of helping you change the way you look at a particular issue. When I went through the Basic Recipe again about 11:00 a.m. today, my heartbeat regularized and it has stayed this way all day!

Encouraged by this significant result, I decided to attempt a more scientific verification of the EFT tapping technique.

Tonight, I sat down in my recliner and took my blood pressure (I have a very accurate home measurement unit with a cuff.) It was 144 over 92 — the fact that it had come down from my doctor’s previous reading might be attributable to the two weeks I’ve spent off work, perhaps.

Then I did the Basic Recipe again, focusing my energies on my high blood pressure.

I tapped:

Even though I have this high blood pressure, I deeply and completely accept myself.


This high blood pressure.

This condition keeping me at home.

This condition allowing me time off from work.

This blood pressure condition that worries me.

My heart flutters.

This ongoing condition.

One minute after performing the Basic Recipe, I took my blood pressure reading again. In the space of less than 10 minutes, it had dropped from 144 over 92 to 121 over 86. Oh. My. Goodness.

I am a rank EFT beginner, having never even heard of this EFT tapping process until last night, I’ve only done it now a total of 3 times, and it’s stabilized my heart rhythm and lowered my blood pressure over 20 points.

How absolutely incredible. I am absolutely in awe. I have experimented with many healing modalities and I have never seen anything work like this. But it does seem to work better when you use reframing to make sure you are looking at all of the possible triggers supporting your condition and keeping healing at bay.