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My EFT Blood Pressure Experiment

The Clinical EFT Handbook vol 1 by Dawson Church

By Victoria Deasy, MS. Ed

I wanted to share a kind of “experiment” I did on myself, using emotional freedom techniques, or EFT.

I have high blood pressure for which I have been taking medication under a doctor’s care. I wanted to use EFT to try to improve my numbers so decided to do this little experiment. I have my own, calibrated blood pressure monitor/ cuff so this was fairly easy to do.

I decided to do this late in the evening when less of my medicine would be in my system (and hence, possibly the highest reading of the day) and when I was more likely to have the time (because I wanted to check my pressure at approximately the same time each day.

So, every evening, for 10 days, I took my blood pressure and recorded the results. Then, I would do EFT and tap on how high my pressure was, how I wanted it to come down, how my body had the ability to have a more normal, stable pressure, both diastolic and systolic. I tapped the short cut version.

I would tap and say things like:

Even though my blood pressure reading is high at ____, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my blood is working too hard to get through the veins, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my heart has to work too hard to pump this blood, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I feel anxious when I think of how unhealthy it is to have high blood pressure, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Then, I would use reminder phrases like: this high blood pressure, this BP can come down healthily, I choose for my body to take care of this BP, etc. Sometimes, all I would say at the reminder points would be “this BP.” I would do only 1-2 rounds and then wait 20 minutes to retake my reading.

Here is what happened:

– DAY 1: 134/71 (before EFT); 122/64 (after)

– DAY 2: 132/72 (before EFT); 118/69 (after)

– DAY 3: 124/70 (before EFT); 124/69 (after)

– DAY 4: 140/77 (before EFT); 123/65 (after)

– DAY 5: 123/70 (before EFT); 120/60 (after)

– DAY 6: 130/71 (before EFT); 120/70 (after)

– DAY 7: 129/65 (before EFT); 122/64 (after)

– DAY 8: 139/73 (before EFT); 123/73 (after)

– DAY 9: 132/71 (before EFT); 111/60 (after)

– DAY 10: 135/65 (before EFT); 115/64 (after)

Day 3 did not show much of a change and Day 4 started much higher than is usual, but I thought later that I really may have forgotten to take my medication that morning. The slight fluctuations may be due to my different exercise or running around, different stresses from day to day and even what I may have eaten that day. But one thing is clear: it reduced EVERY TIME after EFT!

Even though my daily blood pressure is staying nice and low as above, I have not yet tried it without any medication because I do not yet have my doctor’s approval to do so. (I would stress that no one ever go off medication without the supervision of your health care professional).

I have taken my blood pressure twice in one day like this before and have never had the BP reading come down at all.

I am going to continue tapping and see if I can get off my medication.