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Using EFT for Heart Palpitations

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Steve Daugherty tells how EFT stopped his particularly severe episode of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and then how he used tapping to monitor his stress level and keep the PVCs under control.

– EFT Universe

By Steve Daugherty

I am a burgeoning life coach, and I was introduced to EFT by a friend about six months ago. I have had amazing results using EFT, and I would like to share one of my experiences in case it benefits others.

I began to develop heart palpitations when I was in my early 20s. For someone who has never experienced them, it feels like your heart skips a beat, and it can get bad enough that you feel light-headed or dizzy. I had all kinds of tests run on my heart through the years, and the doctors said that I have harmless PVCs, premature ventricular contractions. To explain it simply, one part of my heart was getting triggered by an electrical impulse to pump just before it was actually supposed to. The doctors said there was nothing I could do about it except avoid caffeine, certain types of medicines, and stress. PVCs may be harmless but they sure do leave you feeling bad, and sometimes downright scared.

Well, when I first learned EFT, I proved to myself that it worked by relieving back pain, knee pain, chronic stomach pain (my 14-year-old son suffered for years with irritable bowel syndrome; it’s gone now, thanks to EFT), fear, stress, anxiety, and all sorts of emotional issues. But for some reason, it never dawned on me to use EFT for my heart palpitations. I got very excited when I realized that it should work, since EFT is based on working with electrical impulses or energy meridians, and so is the heart!

A couple months ago, in the middle of the night, my heart palpitations started acting up severely. I raised up in my bed, and I noticed how bad they were. My heart was skipping a beat every third beat! This was bad. Usually, it skips a beat every sixth or eighth beat. The skipped beats continued for several minutes with no let up.

So, I immediately started in with the tapping. I said, “Even though I have these heart palpitations, I deeply and completely accept myself.” I did the entire basic EFT, including the Gamut phase (which I usually don’t have to use anymore, after watching the advanced tapes). After I was done, I couldn’t believe it! The heart palpitations stopped; my heart was beating perfectly normally. I was amazed, and so relieved. To finally have something that would control and stop the heart palpitations was just miraculous to me. I started counting my healthy beats; I got up to 183 perfect beats before I was convinced and so I stopped waiting for a skipped beat.

The heart palpitations didn’t come back until I was under a lot of stress a couple weeks later. I tapped on them again, and poof! They were gone. Now I use my palpitations to monitor my stress levels. If I start to get them, I notice or think about what is stressing me out, and I tap on that, and then I tap on my palpitations if they are still going. It seems to be a great system for self-monitoring. But I think that I will try to get to the original emotional issue that brought on the palpitations and see if I can get rid of them permanently.